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Destiny's Raid Olympics 2019

  • TG SirMadness
  • By TG SirMadness






What is it?


The Raid Olympics is an intense, 7-week long score-based official raiding competition that covers every normal raid in order of release. Every team will have one week per raid to get the best points possible within one completion for the featured raid of the week. Every team will have opportunities to get many points, should they choose to increase the challenge. Efficiency, flawless completion, or completing the featured challenge nets you additional points.


At the end of the 7-weeks, the team with the most points wins the Raid Olympics 2019 and is crowned the best raid team in Tactical Gaming!


All members of Tactical Gaming are welcome to participate 




October 29th - December 17th


Scoring System:



Clear: +10

Clear Under 1hr: +1

Clear Under 50m: +2

Clear Under 40m: +3

Clear Under 30m: +4

Clear Under 20m: +5

Flawless (no deaths): +6

Custom Challenge: +2


Official Rules: 


- All Tactical Gaming rules and regulations must be followed. Individual members can be disqualified from competing if they are caught breaking the rules

- Submissions must come from raid.report or equivalent (only Bungie API enabled reports allowed)

- Only one submission will be allowed per raid. So if a team wants to get the most out of their submission, they will have to clear the raid within an efficient time, flawless, with the TG custom challenge

- A submitted clear MUST have 6 members of Tactical Gaming, and MUST have been registered to be a part of your team

- Every team must register minimum 6 fireteam members. Every team is allowed up to 2 backups 

- If custom challenge has been completed, you must submit some form of evidence (a recording, stream, etc) that it has been completed

- We are not allowing any% speedruns, meaning you must not use glitches to get out of the map, skip encounters (includes wish wall). or any means that are not intended by the developer


Example of what is not allowed: 

- Getting out of map in Leviathan to skip underbelly

- Using super to reduce mechanic cooldown (suicide is allowed)

- GoS relay defender mod glitch


Basically, let's keep an even playing field for all! 


Are you up for the challenge? Follow this link and use the registration format to register your team! 

Have questions? Message me directly on the forums (Sarge) or on Discord (Sarge#7073)

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