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1st Corps December Newsletter

  • TG HSquared
  • By TG HSquared

Welcome to the December Edition of the 1st Corps Monthly Newsletter! This newsletter provides a way for you to know what is going on in your corps, milestones people have hit, upcoming events, and more! If there is anything that you'd like to see in the next edition, please let me know!




December is a busy month for many people with all of the holidays that are celebrated. Holidays are traditionally a time to spend with your loved ones, often ones that you haven't seen since the previous holiday season, but they can also be filled with a great deal of stress. I don't know about you guys, but having the extended family together is stressful for me! Trying to plan the date/time for dinner, cooking, cleaning, figuring out gifts for everyone, going into stores that are short staffed and crazy busy... it is a lot to go through to have a few hours with loved ones!


One thing that consistently brings me a sense of joy and peace especially during the crazy hectic times is Tactical Gaming. To me, TG is like a big extended family, but thankfully I do not have to cook for you guys or buy presents! (Sorry if you were expecting this from me this holiday season!) Being able to go online and find fellow gamers to just relax and kill enemies with is a great change of pace from the craziness of this season! This community allows me the ability to escape from reality for a little bit, and I am truly thankful for that! For the record, just like any family things are not always peaceful with the TG family, but that is part of the fun!


To help us get in the holiday spirit, the PRO is hosting two winter contests that are open to all TG members! We are doing a TG Parody Song Writing Contest and an Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jumper Contest. These are a fun way to interact with fellow members outside of gaming! Give them a shot and you could win some prizes! Links for these events can be found in the "Upcoming Events" section below!


I hope all of you find some time to relax and enjoy your both your family and TG family no matter what you have going on this month! Wishing you guys Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!




Check out the following News Articles that have been released by TG members within the last month regarding things going on in 1st Corps:

Where did all the Games go?

Battlefield 2042 Review

CoD Vanguard Review

Overwatch CP Squad: TG Demon

Hell Let Loose Lessons



Congratulations to the following staff members for obtaining milestones in their positions:


4.5 years as SL: @tobylab

4 years as SL: @Beattlemania

1 year as SL: @TwenZa

1 year as SA: @LethalRam

6 months as CO: @BrEeZy TURNUPPP

6 months as SL: @TG SleepyNinja,  @KingEpyon and @dustylines

6 months as SA: @crankman3022 and @Uneadhealing


Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to TG! Keep up the great work!




2 Ongoing Recruitment Contests:

TW Wide Recruitment (will be spinning for more prizes this week!)- open to all active members in TG

CoD Recruitment Contest- open to all active members in CoD


Ongoing Competition:

CoD Mastery Camo Competition - open to all active members in CoD


December Competitions Hosted by the PRO:

TG Parody Song Writing Contest - open to submission until December 31st at 11: 50 pm eastern

Ugly Christmas Sweater/Jumper Contest- open to submissions until December 25th at 11:59 pm eastern


December 10th -

PC Prominence Poker @ 9 pm EST/ 2 am GMT- hosted by @TG HSquared


December 11th-

Halo 2v2 Tournament @ 3pm EST/8 pm GMT- hosted by @TG HaloHobo@mikepaluso, and @TG Schmitty

Among Us Night @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @primestrike

Special Stream @ 10 pm EST/ 3 am GMT- hosted by @Typicalveteran- (more details to come)



December 17th-

CoD Xmas Scrim Event @ 2 pm EST/ 7 pm GMT - Hosted by @TG Badmoon


December 18th-

Halo 4v4 Tournament @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @TG HaloHoboand @mikepaluso

OW Fun Night @ 3 pm EST/ 8 pm GMT- hosted by @primestrike


More events may be added to the TG Calendar. Please check it out for more events and to RSVP to the above events.

**All dates and time to subject to change.**

***These events are open to all members in TG unless otherwise noted.**




Happy Birthday to the following members:

December 1st- @Trash

December 2nd- @Adrianjg99

December 4th- @TG Stryfe

December 5th- @Ford

December 6th- @TG_Atomic_J1m

December 7th- @CountableDread7

December 8th- @TOOshortG1LBERT

December 9th- @LethalRam

December 10th- @Primis Rulz

December 12th- @Rafa Luft

December 15th- @Hashtag_Noob_22, @Hesen130, and @JokerKLLR97

December 16th- @DingWick, @TG RateMyGame, and @TwenZa

December 17th- @Man 0f Plants

December 18th- @Sparx

December 19th- @AzNeedsHealsand @bpmckee93

December 20th- @Legacy#6016

December 22nd- @KMAXLEE1983 and @VoidAmy18

December 23rd- @1065Marine and @Crypt

December 24th- @DanBoy IWNL

December 25th- @Drake-Delavega and @TW Turtle55555

December 26th- @AvJLift

December 28th- @Cryolycan and @Nixon

December 30th- @lynnfairlane

December 31st- @KG


I hope you all have an amazing birthday and many more to come!

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