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WoT Division...Last Words with Dhmoose

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WoT Division Closed


The World of Tanks Division in Tactical Gaming has sadly come to an end. Instead of being disappointed about it ending though, let’s remember the good times. Every division has its ups and downs but Tactical Gaming has some wonderful members, and even in the “down” times, we find a way to lift each other up and still have a good time alongside close friends and gaming buddies. 


Obviously, there were a lot of amazing members in the WoT Division. One of them, who has been there since the beginning in 2016 through the ending in 2020 is @dhmoose. He was the Division Officer for some time, as well as, a Commanding Officer, and Brigade Commander. 


So without further adieu, let’s get his perspective on his time in the WoT Division:


Hello, Thanks for meeting with me. You've been in the World Of Tanks Division for close to 4 years now. What first interested you in World of Tanks, and what kept you in the division for so long?


“I loved World of Tanks as soon as it came out on xbox, which was over 5 years ago...it was a fps with way more strategy needed to win than your average fps.  In addition, the history aspect of everything....I loved the fact that my platoon and I could all play in Sherman Tanks and potentially face off against a scary German Tiger Tank.  When I found out they wanted to try to make a Division out of it, I was the first to sign up.”


“What kept me in for so long?  A dedication to the guys in my Division, a philosophy of stability=success and the simple fact that it was fun.  I founded WoT back in 2016 and led it as Division Officer through thick and thin until I was promoted to Corps Commander.  I recently returned from leave and served as Commanding Officer. It was good to have a place to come back too.”


What were some of your favorite moments on World of Tanks?


“A few favorite moments would be running with my platoon mates on late nights, seal clubbing (a term used for playing low tier tank matches and dominating noobs) using tried and true tactics like shock and awe and wolfpacking.  Seeing our Division pass trial phase, earn major TG competitive awards and finally fielding a CP squad, which was named The Bandits, were other standout moments.”


What were some of the challenges you faced while you were a commanding officer, that you overcame either on your own or with some teamwork?


“I wasn't Commanding Officer for very long.  Since I have been back there wasn't much to do to be honest besides recruit.  But some challenges I faced while as Division Officer included recruiting and retention of recruits.  I overcame that by putting my head down and focusing on not only recruiting but making sure the guys I did recruit stuck around. Making things fun was the secret ingredient.


What are you going to miss most about being apart of the World of Tanks Division?


“The thing I'll miss the most will be the opportunity to tank with guys I recruited 3-4 years ago under the TG name”


Now that the division is closing, what are some things your looking forward too in TG? 


“Since WoT is closed, I look forward to some rest and relaxation.  I'll have some time to reflect on the recent changes, get a few chores done and hopefully come back and join my good friend TG-Legendary in TG's elite and prestigious Battlefield Division.”


Thank you for your time DHmoose. I know I speak for a lot of people, including myself, when I say your a true inspiration for new and old members alike in Tactical Gaming.


“Thanks for the opportunity and kind words!”


The WoT Division had a nickname called “Bandits,” after an American Tank Unit. The unit had a creed they followed and when the WoT Division started, they followed that creed as well. Here is the video of the creed: 



A Competitive (CP) Squad was formed with the name “The Bandits.” After the same American Unit. The squad went on and won several competitions within TG and were a very successful CP squad. 


All in all, it seems like it was an awesome time in the WoT Division. With a lot of memorable moments that will be remembered by many. Please, if you would, post in the comments with your favorite moments within the division. Along with some challenges you faced that you overcame with teamwork. 


Thanks for reading, and I look forward to reading the comments!

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Thank you for the retrospective, Moose, and thanks for putting it together, @TG SirMadness.


The History of TG's World of Tanks Division -- Feb 16 2016 - Jan 9 2020 -- is an important one on a number of levels.


By doing these kinds of interviews, we capture our history and hopefully they will not be lost.


... Hey, @dhmoose - We look forward to your return from leave, in Battlefield... we've got lotsa tanks over here!

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Guest TG Celchu

Posted (edited)

Sad to see the division closing. It took some convincing to get it approved as a division, as the game had already been released on PC for several years prior to being considered for a division, but one of the deciding factors that pushed it over the edge was the knowledge of good experienced leadership in @dhmoose, and we were not disappointed. Thanks for all your hard work these past years in keeping the division going. Hope you are well my friend.


Cel :salute:

Edited by TG Celchu

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