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Women of TG

Women of Tactical Gaming




Welcome to a special article from the News Team. In this article, we are concentrating on the women of TG. We've interviewed 6 of these incredible ladies from different areas within Tactical Gaming. Online gaming is often a very toxic environment, with specific harassment for women from a historically male gaming population. At the core of TG, all members are required to "respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, sexuality, race, religious beliefs or creed. The same level of respect will be given to non-members." Hopefully, the opinions of some of the women of TG can provide insight into why TG is growing more and more in a diverse member base each day.


Let's see what they had to say about there time in TG and any other business.



TG SmokeyB: Thank you for taking the time to take part in this interview. 

First thing is first, how long have you been in TG and what position are you currently in?


bionicvigilante: A month and I'm Incendio's squad assistant.


Liz Weilschmidt: 1 year and I'm the squad assistant of Explorer Squad.


MissVendettaXO: I've been here since Feb 2018 and I'm currently the DOfor Apex Division


MayaArcana: Been in TG almost 8 months I'm the XO for Overwatch/PC/2nd BTN.


SendNukes: I've been here almost a yeah and I'm the squad leader of Dawn(IN).


TG HSquared: I've been in TG for 3.5 years and I'm the DO for Overwatch.



TG SmokeyB: Thanks for that. What attracted you to TG?


bionicvigilante: The promise of like-minded people and also the incentive of values. There was a promise of no discrimination and thus far this has held 100% true.


Liz Weilschmidt: I had played alone for so long. When Nightcrawler invited me to join I was overjoyed. Finally, I had a group of people dedicated to playing Overwatch and I didn't have to play alone anymore.


MissVendettaXO: I had originally been looking to make some friends on Fortnite, and when I had someone from TG contact me, I decided to check out the website. I really liked the structure and organisation, as well as TG taking a stance on equality because I’ve been in clans before that we’re not the most welcoming...


MayaArcana: The discipline that a TG member exuded when playing a scrim. I subbed in for that scrim and it was amazing to have a team turn around and peel for me (a support) when I said I was in trouble, amongst other things. I also like the structure and can see how that helps in keeping a massive organisation running smoothly. Lastly, I enjoy the non-toxic environment and the requirement that all members be respectful to each other regardless of identify.


SendNukes: People having the same mindset as me and playing together in  structured practices


TG HSquared: I was playing Halo and ran into a group of TG members. I joined them and played with them for a while. I decided they were an awesome group and wanted to be able to continue to play with them regularly.



TG SmokeyB: Ok, next question. What is your best memory you have while been here?


bionicvigilante: Meeting my squad for the first time! Everyone was super positive and kind to me, and I was extremely nervous and quiet. They made me feel at home and asked me small questions to bring me slowly out of my shell.


Liz Weilschmidt: Meeting Explorer Squad.


MissVendettaXO: When I joined TG there were only 2 other members in Fortnite PS4. After weeks of hard work, we had over 25 people actually attending an IN practice…. it was amazing to see everyone having so much fun, and that our hard work was paying off.


MayaArcana: It actually happened a week or so ago, so 06/04/2019, (dd/mm/yy) Saturday, where Sunyatta (IN) won their first AAOL match. Comms had cleared up immensely from practices before, and everyone was dedicated to working hard on that. It was a very proud moment for me when we won our final match and everyone started talking about how the games were amazing and they had won.


SendNukes: Having my first practice in Dawn IN and being in a group of nice people that are trying to improve while behaving well and being positive during the games and cheering after wins and analyzing after a loss.


TG HSquared: That is a tough one... I've had a lot of great memories. Don't think I can pick just one. Most recently my favourite memories have been from my pre-practice meetings with my XB1 staff. They are always full of a ton of laughs and are a great way to connect with the staff.






TG SmokeyB: Great stuff, thanks. Tell us more about your squad/battalion/division:


bionicvigilanteIncendio is the Overwatch XB1 Brigade, introduction squad. Essentially, everyone who joins for Overwatch on Xbox One will come to us and later be graduated to another squad. We work to assess everyone’s individual skill, wants, and needs going forward in TG and in the Overwatch Division. As of now, our squad has become somewhat like a family, and we pride ourselves in the strides we’ve made in teamwork and dedication not only to the game but to each other.


Liz Weilschmidt: Its good fun.


MissVendettaXO: I haven’t been in one particular squad for quite some time as I’ve been a DO and now BGC for awhile. But I always loved going to the IN practices and seeing how much new recruits enjoy practices.


MayaArcana: I currently work closest with Sunyatta as it has a special place in my heart (being an IN squad does that to you!). They have grown from a 3-man team to what they are today: a team that is flexible and hungers to learn and grow.

I also work with the other 2 Oceanic ST squads: Nevermore and Slipstream. I’ve seen them struggle, and I’ve seen them overcome. I am so proud of all the squads that are under my care, and I want to make sure I do the best for them too.


SendNukes: As the SL of Dawn IN i try to make every member feel welcome and I will happily help them finding their place in TG. Until then we are playing Inhouse in our squad and provide feedback in between and after games. Everything is noted down in our PBs and PPRs, also we have some extra notes on the side where we, for example, collect the personal goals for each member in our squad which we talk about after the first game and at the end where we hold our debrief to let every single member share their thoughts and feelings about the practice. Other than that we are a relaxed, positive but also structured IN squad where new members are always welcome to arrive in TG and find out what they wanna do next, no matter if they are looking for a more casual group or a competitive squad which also could play in open division.


TG HSquared: I do not have one, but rather all of the Overwatch Squads!



TG SmokeyB: Interesting stuff. Can you you identify a time that teamwork brought victory within a game?


bionicvigilante: We were down several teammates in a competitive elimination game, but everyone on comms worked to keep those still in up and running. The team was not thinking of their individual success but the win as a squad, and in the end, we pulled out the victory. It wouldn’t have been possible without communication.


Liz Weilschmidt: During a Competitive match my squad, Explorer, were in overtime on the last point of the third round. It was 1 to 1 in wins and we refused to back down. We all worked together. Stayed on the payload and fought hard finally making it to Victory.


MissVendettaXO: There have been a whole lot of occasions, but I’ll pick a recent memory from Apex… full 3 man squad of TG members and we chose to land at slums… so did a few other squads. We used our ping system and call outs to target the other squads. One of our teammates ended up downed, and he gave us direction to the nearest beacon. We quickly got him regeared as we entered the end game top 4 portion. We discussed strategy and chose to use a balloon to snag the high ground which set the only 2 remaining teams beneath us. We coordinated a triangle formation to pinch one of the teams between us and the third team. After they fell, we had one person continue to lay down fire on the last remaining enemy squad while the other two healed, then pushed them… securing victory as they were unable to heal efficiently.


MayaArcana: We were losing. Not gonna lie, but it was an amazing comeback because the other team definitely were more mechanically skilled than us. I was in a solo queue, and it was late so no one seemed to want to talk. I usually don’t do voice comms if I’m solo queuing, as other women might know: the amount of toxicity that can be heaped on you is immense. However, I decided to take a chance and call out targets and positions in the final round of the match. The main tank and main support started talking as well to coordinate the team. Things started to look up immediately. It was a close call, and there were some tense moments, but we won!


SendNukes: Its a bit hard to cut it down to one time since Teamwork and Communication are the main focus in Dawn IN, so I will just go with our last practice where one of the teams played a Symmetra strat which required everyone to move in sync and stay together and help each other when needed.


TG HSquared: Each and every time when I'm with fellow members, we play as a team. Whenever I'm with randoms it's always very chaotic and ineffective





TG SmokeyB: Great read! Nearly there now. What do you believe sets TG apart as an organisation?


bionicvigilante: The inclusivity. No one will ever be turned away for their gender, religion, race sexuality, etc. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and they will always be respected. To me, that’s more than I’ve seen most gaming communities do. It makes us more a family than anything else.


Liz Weilschmidt: It's a great place to be.


MissVendettaXO: I’ve been in clans/communities that had a structure but they often had way too many positions to keep track of. I appreciate that TG requires all members to be respectful regardless of gender, religion, sexual orientation, etc. it makes it a very welcoming environment.


MayaArcana: The structure and organisation that it brings. I’ve been in a handful of organisations prior to joining TG, and what was difficult to maintain in those organisations were dedication and organisation. Members (from my previous organisations) would decide to play other games and then drop off the face of the earth and leave us wondering if everything was okay IRL for them. In TG, the ATS is very helpful in checking what the progress of a player is, and how dedicated they are before graduating them to an ST squad. Organisation: the Chain of Command is great and I’ve been supported by supportive mentors who have helped me a lot.


SendNukes: I think its the Structure and also the rules that keep everything together and thanks to the members and also the higher ups being very positive and the responsible people keeping everything organized so members can enjoy their practices twice a week without any problems.


TG HSquared: I think the overall organization of the community and the fact that we do not allow the toxic behaviour really sets us apart. I have never been in a different community, but I constantly hear from my members that they appreciate the non- toxic environment.



TG SmokeyB: Finally, describe the most fun you've had in TG:


bionicvigilante: Pulling all-nighters after practice with some squad members! When we all have a free day after our practice, a few of us will get together and grind out


Liz Weilschmidt: Every practice I have with Explorer is the most fun. I adore my team and they make Overwatch fun for me.


MissVendettaXOI’ve really enjoyed practices and playing together in the divisions I’ve been in. We get to a level of friendly competitiveness that can be pretty amusing. There is a level of camaraderie and seriousness that can crop up at any moment. Fortnite practices in creative were so much fun as we attempted to haphazardly kill each other, and often failed spectacularly… Giant forts, RPGs, and TRAPS galore!!


MayaArcana: I think watching Sunyatta grow, both in numbers and in their teamwork and gameplay, has been both fun and amazing. Also, playing with them is great.


SendNukes: That was probably on a night I think it was called a games night where all the people from different battalions came together to play some fun games of overwatch, i met a lot of new nice people there and also I decided to join the Americans practice from time to time and had some fun time there as well.


TG HSquared: The most fun would definitely be during the Overwatch Scrims. They are always a lot of fun and a great way to get to know the members. They are full of laughs and competition!


TG SmokeyBThank you all. This concludes the interview.



Thank you to @TG bionic, @Liz Weilschmidt, @MissVendettaXO, @MayaArcana@SendNukes and @TG HSquaredfor taking park in this interview and sharing your memories with the TG community.

Also, a special thanks to @TG HaloHobo and @TG SirMadnesswith their involvement of this project.


Stay tuned for more interviews on "The Women of TG" as we continue spotlighting their Experience and Views of TG and Gaming! 



Did you enjoy the interviews? Let us know in the comments section below!

User Feedback



Great to get to know you six and recognize the contributions you've made to help make TG -- yes -- a family.

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Very awesome. I’m proud to be working along side and with all of you!   

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Guest xxKeefer


What a great read, i'm a dad of two girls and i also play in Sunyatta. really awesome to get an insight on my XO haha

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Guest TG RainbowNinja


We need more women, Just because I believe they deserve better then what the gaming community was back then. :tgsmiley:

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TG HSquared: I was playing Halo and ran into a group of TG members. I joined them and played with them for a while. I decided they were an awesome group and wanted to be able to continue to play with them regularly.


awesome group eh?? @TG HSquared 😜

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TG Chipper


Good stuff. Thank you for sharing.

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Terrific stories and insights from a great group of ladies!  Thank you for sharing your experiences. 


As a father of 2 daughters, I'm glad to see more women in the gaming community. I have passed on my passion for gaming to my daughters, and I'm happy to know there is a community like TG where they can belong without fear of discrimination or bullying.


I hope more female gamers find their way to TG.  Diversity will only make our wonderful community better in every way!



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