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Who's Who?

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Who's Who ?


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Welcome to the first episode of this new series, Who's Who? 


In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions and Legions of Tactical Gaming. This is a monthly series, published towards the end of the month. This interview will focus on the members views and feelings on gaming. 


Today, i have the great pleasure of interviewing a friend and former boss, Master CC84.






TG SmokeyB: First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself? (Such as where you live, hobbies & interests etc..)


Master CC84: I'm a southern lad (Watford, UK) born and bred :).

Aside from gaming I spend a lot of time on the ice playing ice hockey or free skating. I'm married and have two boys so a lot of my time is spent doing awesome stuff with the family. I am lucky enough to have a son who shares my passion for ice hockey and another that is football mad! We also recently added an addition of a super crazy puppy to our family called Leo who is a staffy cross and full of beans but so much fun! Oh and I'm a keen Carp fisherman... 



TG SmokeyB: Can you remember the first game you played & what console you played it on? 


Master CC84: Going back many many years (approx. 20 years), I was hooked on a strategy game called Gangsters: Organized Crime. Back then there wasn't much of an online presence for games but Gangsters allowed for 4 people to join a lobby and I spent many hours as a young lad battling to be the best at it. The classics are the best 😉.



TG SmokeyB: What was it that hooked you into gaming as you got older?


Master CC84: I've never really lost the love of gaming, for me it's about meeting lots of people from different backgrounds etc. It helps that my kids have a love for gaming so I get to share the passion. My eldest is quite a dab hand at my current game (COD) so who knows maybe in a few years we might see him join the battalion with old man.



TG SmokeyB: Can you describe the feelings you get from playing a satisfying game? (Such as enjoyment, happiness, escapism etc..)


Master CC84: It really is the sense of zoning out and the fun that it provides. We all live fast paced lives so it's good to be able to let go and be who ever you want to be and being part of a community such as TG was a great help for me during lockdown last year, I've made some great friends here (some of which I genuinely consider closer than some friends outside the gaming world) everyone is there for each other and no matter how down you might feel there's always someone to make you smile and get you in the mood. We have hosted some great nights over the last 12 months and it's something I always strive to do since being BTN staff. Staying in on a Friday is the new "Out out".



TG SmokeyB: In your own words, can you tell us what is your biggest weakness & strengths when gaming?


Master CC84: I beat myself up far to often for not doing as well as I feel I should although I probably do considerably well most of the time. My strength is my ability and passion to help people. I genuinely thrive on helping people through issues whether it is game or real life issues. I often have many of our members knocking on my door for advice and I'll always make myself available. 

One saying that I live by as BTN (as does our glorious CO @TG Badmoon) - he'd be upset if I didn't mention him 😂 is that the members are not here to serve us, we are here to serve them. 



TG SmokeyB: A couple of hard questions now, can you tell us the worst game you've played?


Master CC84: PUBG - it just doesn't do it for me, I've never been a fan of battle royal games (excluding Warzone) I much prefer a respawn.



TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us about the best game you've played?


Master CC84: Despite the feeling around it, I genuinely love the current COD release: Cold War. Agreeably it is still broken in parts but I've really enjoyed it. I was also hugely into Red Dead Redemption and the GTA series. Always loved the free roam aspect of plant to explore and do. And finally Eve Online, that was a big part of me some years ago, travelling through space finding ways to make in game money to build bigger and better ships.



TG SmokeyB: What is your favorite type of game? (Such as FPS, adventure, simulation, role playing games etc..)


Master CC84: I mainly play and have an interest around FPS and in particular anything war related. It gives more of a sense of realism compared to hoping around a fantasy world on unicorns with Ray guns 🤣. That said I do enjoy the odd racing game too. 



TG SmokeyB: Have you ever played competitively?


Master CC84: I played Gangsters Organized crime on a competitive ladder for about 6 months which was great fun. When I started there were about 100 players active and I managed to work my way to 1st which for me back then was a great achievement. But other than that the competitive scene doesn't interest me much. I class myself as a casual player. 


TG SmokeyB: And just for fun.. You are stuck on a tropical desert island for one month, what 5 items would you take?


Master CC84: A baseball cap (I collect them), my phone (so I can stay tuned on all things TG), salt and vinegar chip sticks crisps (because why wouldn't you), a fishing rod and a picture of Smokey boy to remind me to keep going 😉.



Thank you to @Master CC84 for taking part in this interview. I don't think you'll get a phone signal on the desert island, but the photo of me should do you for all your needs, lol.


Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? in another month!

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TG Badmoon


Miss you already dude! :) Thanks again for all your hard work in COD over this last year

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