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TypicalVeteran's top ten binge worthy Netflix shows

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TypicalVeteran's top 10 must watch Netflix shows


I will start this list off with brutal honesty. If you are legally not an adult in your country you should steer clear of these shows on this list. Many of the shows contain adult content and should not be viewed by minors. That being said let's begin.


1. Ozark-  If you enjoyed the series breaking bad or better call Saul then this is a must watch. This is a thriller riddled with drama and action from start to finish. Every episode will addict you. I would suggest binge watching this because the episodes leave off on such cliff-hangers that you won't want to go to bed. Jason Bateman is the perfect actor for this and he owns the role perfectly. This is a story of an accountant who while fighting problems in his personal life is too distracted to see that his partner is mixed up with organized crime. Soon after everything comes to light, Jason Bateman and his family are on the hook for everything and stuck in Ozark Missouri looking to make a monopoly and flying under the radar at the same time. 


2. Breaking Bad-  As previously mentioned this is another crime thriller. No surprise this ends up high on the list. This show was one of the most popular heavily awarded shows of all time. This show is another one i would highly advise starting when you have a few days off and nothing planned. These episodes and seasons are very hard to turn off. This story starts off with Bryan Cranston as a high school chemistry teacher. He is diagnosed with cancer and soon learns he may not live very long. With the future looking grim and not having much to leave behind for his family he decides to go on a ride along methamphetamine bust with his brother in law who is a police officer. He gets the idea that he could make a more pure product and sell it for twice the price. He recruits a high school student Jesse Pinkman played by Aaron Paul and goes into the drug producing market. Not only do they corner the market but take over New Mexico and soon the Cartel notice. I will leave it there for you. Must watch this classic. 


3. Shameless- Oh my what will the Gallagher family get themselves into next? This is a story about a dysfunctional family who finds themselves in the most delinquent and impossible situations. This is a comedy that has everything from all angles in it. Definitely not a show to watch with the young ones. This show can create humor while addressing issues such as racial tension, addiction, LGBTQ awareness and poverty in America. These are only a morsel of what you will experience while watching this show. The drama comedy has the perfect cast and as characters come and go every season gets better and better. 


4. Altered Carbon-  This is an action thriller that takes place in the future where people have the ability to respawn into a new body that they refer to as sleeves in the event of an untimely death. They also have the power to resurrect previously killed people. In this series a detective is resurrected into a body that is not his own to track down a murderer from the past. The new world and tech are a huge challenge for him but nothing beats human intuition 


5. Hell on Wheels- This is a show for you western lovers. Focused around the construction of the continental railroad and the days of the old west this series offers a little of everything. Drama, horror, action all in an old western feel. mainly focused on political gain and the two companies hired to complete the job our main hero actually plays both ends of the spectrum but ultimately sides with the righteous in the end. What's interesting about this series is that some of the character monologues are actually based on true events. History buffs beqare this one is addictive.


6. The Last Kingdom- Based in the early viking days a boy is born of royal blood and in line to become a king but captured by vikings and raised as a pagan warrior. Uhtred is our main character here who comes back to haunt the Anglo-saxons but switches sides a few times. For a while he fights alongside the vikings but also switches in hopes for a new life as a saxon. This show has romance, comedy, action and drama everywhere. If you are a fan of shows like Vikings this is a must watch. 


7. The Witcher- I can feel some of you with your blood boiling that this isn't higher on the list. No worries next year it will be if season 2 comes out. This series really needs no introduction. Loosely based on a highly successful video game The Witcher, this action packed drama follows the monologue of the game perfectly. The cast is brilliant and the fight scenes and special effects are to die for. I am very anxious for season 2 if there is one but my only worry is that it will be hard to improve on a masterpiece season 1.


8. Peaky Blinders- Ever wonder what it would be like to be an old English gangster? Let Tommy Shelby take you on a tour! If you like crime action and a little comedy this is a show you must watch. Tommy Shelby goes from 2 bit gangster/war hero to boss almost overnight. This series is mainly about the Shelby family and their rise to power in the organized crime scene of the early 19th century. Tommy Shelby will stop at nothing to rise to the top with his family at his side!


9. Sons of Anarchy- This one is low on the list because of its controversy. SOA was taken off Netflix last year and picked up by a few other streaming services. So this one fits here kind of but it also doesn't. The removal of the show was to balance the powers of streaming services so I will leave you to research that. What I can say is this is an action packed drama that has comedy in almost every episode. The cast is brilliant and gave several actors their start into much bigger roles that they are playing today. Welcome to Sons of Anarchy a present day motorcycle club where there is honor amongst thieves. The show immediately grabs you from episode 1 and leaves you heartbroken on the finale. 


10. Mindhunter-  Oh you thought this wasn't going to make the list? Think again. This is a story based on true events about the FBI creating a behavioral science division that studies serial killers. Journey deep into the mind of famous murderers such as Ed Kemper and Charles Manson. Watch them interview with FBI agents from Quantico who are trying to figure out exactly what makes them tick. 


Honorable Mentions 

Game of thrones (HBO)

Chernobyl (HBO)

Wu Tang an American Saga (Hulu)

Castle Rock (Hulu)

The Handmaid's tale (Hulu)

Catch 22 (Hulu)

Into the Badlands (Netflix)

Dexter (Netflix)

Band of brothers (various services)

The Punisher (Netflix)


In conclusion 

Today we discussed 10 of my most binge worthy shows and mentioned 20. If you do not see a show that you think needs to be on this list I probably haven't seen it and would love to see your suggestions in the comments. In this instant gratification and on demand world that we live in these choices you cannot go wrong with. Readers beware however, several of these shows are littered with violence and strong subjects that may not be for everyone. If you have questions about any of these shows and if they are for you i would love to talk more in the comments or discord about it. I hope you all enjoyed this list and got some suggestions for your winter binge TV season upon you. For now that is all. Your friendly neighborhood Corps Commander TypicalVeteran checking out.


User Feedback

Guest vuurmanj


amazing work. gonna try to watch some of them. currenly watching the witcher

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TG Vegemite


The Last Kingdom is good, though some parts are quite cringy after binging Vikings haha

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Guest xMachineGunJoex


I´d definitely add Fargo and Narcos to that list. Black Mirror is also brilliant but not exactly binge material as each episode stands on it´s own and it´s not a coherent story. If non-fiction is of any interest, I´d highly recommend Chef´s Table to anyone who has fascinated by good food/cooking. The Vietnam War series by Ken Burns is tough to watch but probably the most compelling documentary on this issue if you want to learn more about it. 

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@xMachineGunJoex i am a huge fan of black mirror and the Vietnam series both great to watch. The only reason they got left off of the list is one of the reasons you highlighted with black mirror being not absolutely binge worthy because every episode is different and no story line is followed. As for the Vietnam series definitely a good watch for everyone but TG being an international community i am just not sure it would grab everyones attention like the other shows on this list might. As for fargo and narcos i haven't seen either so i will definitely be giving those a watch soon.

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Thanks for taking the time to put this list together, @Typicalveteran- - I've enjoyed The Last Kingdom and Sons of Anarchy and will look into some of the others. BTW, I can still get Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, here in Thailand.


Others I've binged on that I've liked:


Line of Duty

Black Sails

Bad Blood



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I watched Altered Carbon some time ago and LOVED IT. Currently working my way through Witcher.

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