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Thank you for your TG service! ~ TGSullivanWorkshops

  • TGxLadicius
  • By TGxLadicius


In this installment of our 'Thank you for your TG service!'  I am interviewing Brigadier General TGSullivanWorkshops. He is currently leading the World of Warships division as the division officer. Sullivan has been a member of Tactical Gaming since April 2016.


TGxLadicius: Since joining TG, what would you say your biggest obstacle? How did you or how are you working to overcome that?

TGSullivanWorkshops: The biggest challenge I faced was when I first became a squad leader in Arma division. At that time some of the CoChad put a lot of pressure on the squads to play the game a certain way and we were not allowed to play it any other way. Additionally there was a bit of a power struggle between the battalions. We had complicated SOPs(standard operating procedures) that I had to get certified for in order to teach them to my squad. The problem was that no one in first battalion, CoC included, was certified for them even though some of the staff knew perfectly well how to do them. Our AT at that time was not able to attend 1st battalion practices so for a while I pulled double duty and joined both battalion’s practices in order to get certified. Eventually as I moved up the staff and some pressure came from up top to change a few things, we managed to get communication between battalions to be a lot friendlier and also to respect each other’s views on how the game should be played.

TGxLadicius: You have held nearly all positions from SM to DO.  Can you think of a time where you have found a TG program to be useful in helping you achieve your goals, or mitigate issues?

TGSullivanWorkshops: I found the ATC system in Arma to be particularly useful to me. In order to get our ready team fire assist badge we had to be certified for the first ten SOPs. Although as I mentioned above obtaining certification when I was in Arma was difficult the SOPs themselves were useful and taught me a lot. We learned stuff like demolitions, medical procedures, map skills, and planning. All of that helped me learn not just a ton about the game but also how to lead and how to teach complicated game mechanics quickly and efficiently which has proved a great help in all the positions I have filled since then.

TGxLadicius: I personally love the way in which we execute the Chain of Command Practice Program (CPP) nowadays. Which ways have you seen the CPP benefit you now or in the divisions you've served in the past?

TGSullivanWorkshops: My experience of CPPs up to this date has been lackluster to say the least. Arma barely used them as leading a fire team, which I did almost every practice, was pretty much the same as a CPP. The CPP was just extra paperwork. I have not been able to utilize the new CPP protocols yet since we are still working on the training manual for Warships but I expect it will be a great benefit to the division.

TGxLadicius: What would you say to a member of the public that is on the fence about joining TG?

TGSullivanWorkshops: If you’re looking for a community that creates a wonderful atmosphere of teamwork and forms firm friends this is the place for you. We are a fun loving group that is well structured and stable. Come join and fight together to win the day.

TGxLadicius: What piece of advice would you give to a squad member considering a staff position?

TGSullivanWorkshops: Remember that the members are the most important part of TG. Without the members there is no point in the staff structure. All we would be is an administrative system with nothing to administrate. So listen to those underneath your command and always try to serve them. Don’t get high minded just because you have a staff position and keep on enjoying the game.

TGxLadicius: Finally, I'd like to say thank you for your TG service, and thank you for taking the time for this interview.

  • TGSullivanWorkshops: Thank you for having me. I think what you guys do in the news team is important and you guys do it well. I raise my glass to a bright future for Tactical Gaming!

User Feedback

Good interview.
I myself knew that problem very well of the SOP certification in Arma Division: yes, we did survive that, and we learned a valuable lesson out of it.

Keep on rocking in the WoWS Division, SullivanWorkshops!

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