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Thank you for your TG service! ~ TG Valhalla

  • TGxLadicius
  • By TGxLadicius
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Welcome to the latest installment of the series.


TGxLadicius: Alright, first and foremost let me thank you for your TG service. Would you tell us about how you discovered TG?

TG Valhalla: I originally found TG through a Reddit LFG post for League of Legends made by TG Caroline, I was in TG for about a year before I had to HD. I rejoined TG when I started playing Overwatch from the fond memories of not having to play with randoms and the teamwork that comes with TG.


TGxLadicius: What have you found to be the most challenging aspects of your role within TG?

TG Valhalla: Balance. There's a balance to everything in TG and something I've found I struggle with is over committing to far too many projects or positions at once. It's something I've seen many people struggle with in TG and TGEC has attempted to reign in on it with the critical role system they now have in place. It's great to be highly motivated and attempt to help out as much as possible, but I've found it's better to be able to give 100% to one position than to give 20% to five.


TGxLadicius: Have you ever employed the TGMP? Was it effective? If you could change the event leading up to that TGMP, would you?

TG Valhalla: I have a few times, and it's been mostly effective. TGMPs are a great method of conflict resolution as it gets both parties to sit down with an unbiased third party and give their side of events. Usually, this ends with both sides understanding what went wrong and coming to an agreement moving forward. Even in the worst instances where one side is completely at fault using a TGMP lays down the facts and allows an explanation of what went wrong, what is expected instead, and the plan moving forward. There isn't anything I would change to the events leading up to any TGMP because, in the end, everyone grows because of them. 


TGxLadicius: What has made the most positive impact on you in your time in TG? What has made the most negative impact, and how did you resolve it?

TG Valhalla: The most positive impact on me from TG would be the people I've met. I might be one of the people who has had the greatest range of positives that have come out of it. I've met some amazing friends that I've met IRL, found a roommate when I was moving across the country, and even got an amazing job opportunity through contacts I've made in TG. Conversely, the negatives come with friends too, with friends I've lost. There are many times in TG when you have to make decisions that benefit the greater community and sometimes this means friends disagree strongly. It's difficult to navigate the friendship vs leadership scenarios that this brings up and unfortunately can lead to losing a few friends in the process. I resolve those situations by understanding where they come from, and that they don't have to agree with every decision everyone makes. I like that these friends are in TG and am always glad when they stick around to continue gaming with like-minded people.


TGxLadicius: Finally, thank you for taking the time for this interview. Would you like to add a morsel of the wisdom that is Valhalla?

TG Valhalla: Thanks for having me, as far as wisdom that's more DBLs cup of tea. But I'm always looking for motivated individuals to work with and if anyone's interested I would love to discuss some of the opportunities available in the Training Office.

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