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Streamer Spotlight - XX1DAVIRUS1XX

This is the first part of a series of articles highlighting each member of our amazing Stream Team! Today I (RY) talked to xX1DAVIRUS1Xx (DV) and learned a bit more about him and his experience with streaming! Let's have a look! 


RY: DaVirus, I know you are from the Werewolf Squad in CoD and on our TG Twitch you stream your squad practices. I was wondering, what made you decide to start streaming in the first place?

DV: I started streaming because I wanted to start sharing my experiences and game knowledge with everyone.


RY: That’s awesome! How long have you been streaming now?

DV: Only about 6 months.


RY: Your streams are amazing to still be so new! What’s the most exciting or fun part?

DV: The most fun part of streaming is always knowing that chat is better than you at every game you play no matter what and they will always clip your fail montages XD. But in all seriousness the best part is meeting and talking to people from all over the world and making everyone feel like they have a place to come to and feel welcomed.


RY: That sounds like such a nice community! What’s the most challenging part of it for you personally?

DV: It’s keeping people engaged when you really suck at a game... It then becomes all about how much you can laugh at yourself and still keep everyone engaged!


RY: I have never thought about that when it comes to having a live audience! Have you ever gotten burnt out from it? How do you deal with that?

DV: I have gotten burnt out from streaming multiple times, when that happens I go and take a break. I do community engagement, where I do discord meet and greet streams, or I play games and talk to everyone who wants to join. It’s more of a relaxed setting where I can just be myself and talk to new people.


RY: What a nice way to recharge and keep your community involved! Do you have any tips to new streamers or people who want to start?

DV: My most important tip is to never give up. Surround yourself with people who want to support you and see you succeed. Keep on going, it’s a very long and hard process. 


RY: That's very inspiring! I look forward to watching you grow! If we want to find you, where could we do that? What's your stream schedule?

DV: xX1DAVIRUS1Xx on twitch! I am live everyday after work!


And that’s it! If you’re looking for a streamer who’ll be very involved with their community and be refreshing to watch, you should check him out on his Twitch! Next month we will highlight another streamer from our team as well! 

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