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TG Podcast: Table Talk

  • TG SmokeyB
  • By TG SmokeyB

Table Talk With TG


An exciting time for the PRO, TG & YouTube!

The first episode of the return of the Tactical Gaming Podcast is back!


This podcast will become a regular item for TG.

Before each podcast is released, a news article (such like this) will be published so you can get the details for the up and coming podcast.


So, without further delay, below are the details of the first episode of the reboot, Table Talk With Tactical Gaming:


Host: @TG RoyalRenKu

Co-Host: @TG VisiousEel X

Co-Host: N/A

Guest: @MrTurdTastic

Guest: @HartAttackKidd




When: Sunday 24th May @ 5:00PM BST (12:00PM EST)


Where: Tactical Gaming YouTube Channel, Located HERE


Remember, you can still submit questions for up and coming podcast's. The questions are below:



If you are interested in getting involved, you can contact one of the Podcast Team located below:

- TG Sir Madness (Co-Host)

- JaiyoHD (Co-Host)

- TG SmokeyB (News/Research)

-TG RoyalRenKu (Host/Overall Manager/Chairperson)




We hope that the TG community will enjoy the this episode of Table Talk!

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