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Leadership Lessons with TG War Rellik



Hello Tactical Gaming dhmoose here hoping everyone is staying tacti-cool!  Thank you, thank you...I'll be here all day.  But in all seriousness, I am proud to announce a new series called Leadership Lessons where we will interview a guest (or two) and explore the topic of leadership.  Questions will vary and no, we will not just dwell on generic leadership questions.  So why should you care?  I would feel comfortable saying that these articles might help you understand little known facets of different positions here in TG.  I'd also say that they might help you with personal or gaming leadership dilemmas, and I wouldn't be too far out of line in saying that reading these articles could possibly make you a better person, to just name a few.  I would keep reading just for that 3rd possibility.  It's worth a try isn't it? 


TG War Rellik was nice enough to answer some questions for me.  Let's see what he had to say.


NT: Hello and thanks for joining me today!  First, please introduce yourself.


WR: Rellik here, I originally join back in September of 08 thru October of 2018.  Took a HD, and came back in March of 2019 to present day.  I am retired/disabled Law Enforcement.  I'm laid back, chill, quiet, go with the flow type of guy.  My past experience are included in my bio.  Peace all, and be safe.


NT: I see you are Intro Squad Staff.  Some in TG say you have one of the top 3 most important jobs in TG.  What do you think?


WR: I'd have to agree.  We are the first SS that new recruits interact with {on most occasions}.  We has SS teach what needs to be taught about TG and at times then some.  We are also the ones that do or should filter out the bad apple's per' say.  New recruits that we may feel aren't the best fit for TG (and when I say new recruits, I mean new, fresh from completing their BC, and being placed in IN).  For the most part, in my opinion, IN SS set the standard, not just for leading, but working as a team, communicating etc.


NT: I see.  What made you want to be Squad Staff?


WR: Honestly, I was asked to.  Many many many years of experience, and plus I enjoy helping when and where I can.


NT: Nice...thanks for helping out!  As Intro Squad Staff, one of your duties is to filter out the wannabe's from the like minded gamers.  How do you feel about this responsibility?


WR: Doesn't bother me.   Me personally I'd want someone in my squad I could connect with, rather have someone who would cause nothing but issues or distractions.


NT: What are some challenges you face or have faced in the past as Squad Staff?  What did you do to overcome that hurdle?


WR: The most constant challenge that I feel all SS deal with, is making  sure everyone is on for practices, forum activity, and so forth.  Challenges are part of being a leader of any sort, honestly that's what makes it interesting.  How you get thru them shows what kind of character you have without compromising the type of person you are.  My challenges, I  have always tried to remain patient and confident, and engage members, ask questions, make it fun for them, so they have a reason to respond or participate.


1920x1080 Battlefield 1 2019 5k Laptop Full HD 1080P HD 4k ...


NT:  Saying that, what do you think is the most important thing you as a leader must do in order to be successful on and off the virtual battlefield?


WR: There could be so many things, but I would have to say Communication.  Without it, you have nothing, everything would just fall apart.  Of course then there is leading by example.  So honestly its hard to pick just one thing.....everyone is different on how they do things, there is no right or wrong answer for this.


NT: Let's say your getting promoted tomorrow and could only pass on a single leadership lesson to your successor, what would it be and why?


WR:  Be firm, but fair.  Have confidence in yourself....I've seen people let the power of a position get the better of them.  Never forget who you  are, never second guess yourself.  If you have questions, ask.  If a problem arises, and you have to mediate, don't  jump to conclusions, get the facts........be firm, but fair.   Don't let it tear you down, always do your best.  here is so much that goes into being a leader.  Like I always tell myself, challenge yourself to better than you were the day before.


NT:  Last but not least, let's travel to real life.  Tell me about some leadership skills or lessons you have picked up in real life.  Where did you learn them and/or who taught you?  Why were these so special that you mentioned them to me?  Any special memories regarding what you learned?


WR: When I worked, I had the privilege of being a member of a SWAT team for almost 5 years before getting hurt and having to retire.  In total I spent 15 years in Law Enforcement.   This is where I learned the true meaning of teamwork, forging of friendships with your team, watching each others back.  I did reach the rank of Sergeant, but was never Team Lead,  however I was an assistant trainer for CQB.  I was also an FTO (Field taring officer)  I've learned that some thing are not as they seem, until it happens.   This is where I got being firm but fair.  I learned compassion as well.  I learned that in real life, that some people are much more stubborn to teach.,  At that being a leader in real life I learned to be more assertive than in the virtual world.  Gotta speak with your chest per 'say, like you mean it. :P


War Rellik, I thank you for your time.  You are a Gentleman and a Scholar.  After reading this, I think we can all understand that life is not a smooth ride and there are obstacles at times.  How we react to that adversity is one way people will remember us by.  Being a good leader can help you with life's stumbles so remember if you ever need advice or have a question...use the power of communication to help you advance!  Until next time, dhmoose checking out.

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Great read, IN SS certainly do play a pivotal role. That communication factor plays out especially in 2nd Battalion/Cohorts where we see a mix of even more regions coming together in one server. It amazes me how seamless we can make things work with a little bit of patience and a decent microphone. 

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Very good initiative - great to hear other SS thoughts on leadership.

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