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CoC Spotlight - TG bionic

  • TG SirMadness
  • By TG SirMadness



Greetings Tactical Gaming,  Today i have the opportunity to interview Overwatch BGC - TG Bionic for her outstanding work in her division and brigade and get a true insight into what motivates this legend. 

Without further adiu, please welcome TG bionic.


1) Hello, thanks for joining me today, let’s start off, tell me how it all started, you joining Tactical Gaming and what it was like?


Well, I joined TG back in March when I was a pretty lonely college freshman. A friend I knew in real life suggested I join TG as I loved Overwatch and her dad and brother were both SMs. I signed up, took my BC, and initially joined solely for Overwatch. But I was drawn pretty quickly to a leadership position, and remember what it felt like to grow with the IN squad I still consider home. It was full of positive, happy people who made a concerted effort to play with me outside of practice and coax me out of my shell. 

2) So you’re now a BGC within TG. How is that going, how did you get that position and what's it been like with all those new responsibilities and duties?  What is it about the position you really like about it?


I enjoy where I am immensely. I’ve held every rank, save for CO, within my brigade. I’ve learned how it feels to be an SM, SA, SL, XO, and now BGC. I pushed and applied and strived to go as high as I could to take care of the friends I’d made in my brigade, and under TG HSquared I felt more than confident to add on every layer of leadership. I will say, however, BGC has been a lot more than any of the others. It’s sometimes stressful to know that everyone here depends upon me and how I run this brigade. As far as this position goes, I feel as though I am where I should be to take care of all the people I’ve grown to know and love here, and that as BGC I can adequately help those I otherwise might not be able to. 



3) Apart from gaming and TG, what else do you do in life, any cool hobbies, sports that you like doing or want to pick up?


Oh boy, that’s tough, I feel pretty boring actually... I play ukulele, bass, and guitar, so that’s something? I also write! So that’s another thing haha. 


4) Who and what has made TG as good for you as it is today?


Honestly? TG HSquared, TG HaloHobo, Typicalveteran, and all the other strong leaders here who’ve taught me how to do my job and do it (hopefully) well and efficiently. And all of Overwatch XB1 brigade. I consider everyone there a friend, and to me, having that relationship makes this all worthwhile. 


4.1) Has anyone you've known ever gone above and beyond their call of duty that impressed you?


My IN SL, Liz Weilschmidt. Her paperwork is absolutely unparalleled by any SS I’ve seen before. 


5) Describe your leadership style and why.


I’d like to think I’m a kind and flexible person. I consider myself friendly with everyone in my brigade, because respect isn’t always a right, it has to be earned. On a personal level, I like to connect with everyone in my brigade. My top priority is everyone’s happiness. I don’t mind if I need to cancel plans to run an event or spend hours planning a fun recruitment activity, everything is worth it to hear them all laughing and enjoying themselves. As their leader I will always 100% put their happiness first, way before mine. 


5.1) As a Leader, how do you evaluate success within your command?


Connection. A good leader is respected and listened to. A great leader is respected and followed. I look for those who naturally take charge and I watch my SMs to see who they move toward. Successful leaders in my brigade are business when needed and a friend when applicable. No one can lead by fear mongering or absence. My staff are expected to be present and available to assist. We are here as volunteers for our SMs, without my SMs, SS, and BTN staff I would not be BGC. It’s important that they know why they’re here. 


6) What is the funniest thing you've ever done in your time with TG or any game for that matter?


Our recruitment competition. Got HaloHobo pied in the face. Enough said. 


7) If you were to meet one game character from any game you have ever played, who would it be?


Oh man, anyone in my entire brigade who has ever played a single game of Apex with me knows the answer... I miiiight be a bit to hype to meet Wattson from Apex Legends. She is amazing.



Thank you for joining us today @TG bionic keep up the outstanding work you do for your division and TG

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Thank you for an excellent CoC Spotlight, @TG SirMadness ... great to get to know you a little bit through this interview, @TG bionic - you have a great attitude: the correct focus on fun and care of members. Forge on!

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TG Black Shade


Watching @TG HaloHobo get pied in the face is definitely in my top 10 best TG moments. I remember when he turned off his camera co clean up I heard him shout "Its on my Computer!" Was quite the laugh 

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TG HaloHobo


8 hours ago, TG Black Shade said:

Watching @TG HaloHobo get pied in the face is definitely in my top 10 best TG moments. I remember when he turned off his camera co clean up I heard him shout "Its on my Computer!" Was quite the laugh 

lol, I am glad it was as good for you as it was for me!

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