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Addicted to your support! ~ MissVendettaXO



In this part of my series addicted, we are focusing on our support teams. In this interview, I will be interviewing the honorable and talented @MissVendettaXO. She currently serves our community as the Tactical Warfare Head Trainer of the Training Office (TO). I have had a long and extensive history working with the TO.



TGxLadicius: What vision do you have for the TW TO? Also, what can we do to help you see those goals to completion?


MissVendettaXO: I want the TW TO to be a huge contributor to the success of all our divisions by continuing to forge a strong relationship between the TO and the staff within each division. I'd love to see people excited to pursue leadership development, enjoying the ATCs, ATs helping with training aspects, and just seeing excited new recruits enter (and stay in) TG. As far as helping, we can all work together from the TO, PRO, CT, BTN/DIV staff (etc) and usher in great quality leadership to continue TG's legacy. The staff within the divisions are encouraged to talk to their ATs, and myself to discuss how the TO can help them. The other support teams are also going to be crucial in helping us achieve our goals in the TO by encouraging and informing members of the awesome courses we offer (PLDC, TLDC, etc).




TGxLadicius: The TLDC (Theoretical Leadership Development Course) and PLDC (Practical Leadership Development Course) are monumental in helping current staff, and staff hopefuls in what to expect in being staff and in their potential subordinates. Do you see these classes becoming even more popular across more divisions?


MissVendettaXO: I really hope they become even more popular within TG. They are incredibly beneficial courses to help develop leadership skills that are applicable within TG, and outside of TG. There are so many valuable lessons to learn that can give you the tools to be an effective leader and being the best you that you can be. One of my goals is to expand the PLDC to every single division within TG, and increasing enrollment in TLDC.




TGxLadicius: A long time ago, TG had drill instructors. The members that support our community in that role are now known as Assistant Trainers. The scope of their jobs have changed a bit, but not too much since then due to technology advances. How do you see technology now and in the future impacting the Training Office? 


MissVendettaXO: There will always be a place for the Training Office in TG because training requires strong leadership from people like our ATs, regardless of technological advances. I think technology can certainly help streamline and help us in what we do. If you think about it, technology has drastically improved communication in every aspect of life, not just for TG (Discord, XBL, PSN). The Web Team is always adding new features, and Discord is an improvement on TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.. all of these things help the TO become more efficient.




TGxLadicius: I've always loved ATCs (Advanced Training Courses). I'd personally love to see more of them being conducted. How do you view them?


MissVendettaXO: I think that the Advanced Training Courses are a great, distinct part of TG.  It's incredibly rewarding to see someone become proficient in a new skill and while ATCs are common in some of our cornerstone divisions like Battlefield, I'd really like the TO help bring ATCs to every division as well. I know that some games are limited to stats but I’m hoping more and more games are able to do more robust ATCs. They really are a great way to show your skills on the battlefield and that’s something that many in TG are passionate and excited about.




TGxLadicius: Having fun, and community interaction have been staples of our community. I believe that those aspects have been monumental in the longevity of our like minded community. I have, and have had, a very close working and playing relationship with the Assistant Trainers serving the various divisions I have been a part of. There are some divisions that age pretty bad, and others that stay young for what has seemed like forever. I know that many members are unaware of all the work that goes into making our cohesion on tactics, and our like mindedness a consistent mindset of TG by the TO. How would you express the way that the TO helps us to make those a constant in our community? 


MissVendettaXO: The Training Office is like the glue that holds divisions together. No matter how different the division or game, the Training Office works very closely with divisions, communicating constantly with staff and creating training documents that have a similar template but can be very division specific. Collaboration between so many working pieces (divisions, the TO, etc) from the start to the finish is what continues to forge that path of like-minded teamwork. Even working on things like the ATCs give members something outside of practices to grind toward and have fun with, keeping them engaged for the long-term.




TGxLadicius: Thank you for taking the time in being interviewed, and for providing us some insight in our support teams. If a member is considering applying for a position in the TO, what advice would you offer them?


MissVendettaXO: I’d say think about what you want to help your division accomplish. If you’re someone that likes to go to different squads meeting people, collaborating with a lot of staff, and are a natural trainer then I think the Training Office is a great place for you. I’d say the best place to start to prepare for an AT position is IN SS. You learn so much about training members, the report standards, etc that provide a great starting point for a future AT.

Thank you for the interview and giving the TO, especially the amazing ATs, a platform to showcase what a vital part this team plays within TG.



Enjoying the series so far?
Let us know in the comments section below!

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Great stuff Lad! I'd love to see more light shed on the various support teams we have here in TG 🙂

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Thank you for writing this article  @TGxLadicius to show the important work that the TO (and I really mean the ATs) do every day.

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This is great information! It feels like this should be a required read for every member 😂

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