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A Sitdown with TG HSquared

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When I was sitting down and thinking about what I wanted to write about for my next article, I wanted to touch base on something that I feel we could also use more of in Tactical Gaming.  I wanted to close gaps in knowledge about one another.  Members of TG–being that as we are a large gaming community–should always strive to better the “community” aspect.  So, I’d like to routinely interview differing members of TG, from the top and the bottom, to help us all get to know one another, and be comfortable approaching each other as friends as much as comrades on our respective virtual battlefields.


That said, I felt there was one member I wanted to spotlight this time.  A member of our community that is in fact in charge of closing social gaps in our community, as well as creating new opportunities to create more relationships in and out of Tactical Gaming itself.  And that is TG HSquared!  I’d like to let her explain what I mean by this herself with her own words.



Let’s get the basics out of the way.  Why don’t you introduce yourself and what you do in Tactical Gaming for those who may not be familiar.

TG HSquared here! I've been in TG for just over 7 years. I started my time in TG in the Halo Division, and then after almost a full year transferred to Overwatch. While there I held numerous positions, but most notably I was Division Officer for just over 3 years. At that time, I transferred to the Public Relations Office (PRO) as the Public Relations Assistant. I was then given the opportunity to become a Corps Commander (CC) and also the opportunity to be Public Relations Head (PRH), holding both of these positions requires a lot of time and dedication.

As CC for 1st corps, I am currently in charge of overseeing Battlefield, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and Vanguard Divisions (a total of 447 members). Thankfully I have amazing Division and Battalion Staff under me that do a great job with the day-to-day operations along with their Squad Staff and Members. This allows me to focus more on the big picture items for first corps along while assisting them any time that trouble may arise and helping them brainstorm how best to grow their divisions. 


As PRH, we are undergoing a transition period. The PRO used to mostly focus internally on TG, but instead we are going to focus more externally. We want to make a bigger impact on the gaming world and get the TG name out there. Along with my PRA, Vet, we are working with the Digital Media, News, Social Media, and Stream Teams to make this happen! We are hoping to bring more content that will appeal to a broader audience (including TG) which will include articles, interviews, graphics, gameplay, charity streams, and more!




Current breakdown of the Public Relations Office leadership, with TG HSquared and the newly appointed Vet as her assistant.  Source: Tactical Gaming's Roster

What keeps you staying with TG?  What do you most enjoy about being a part of this community?

Honestly, the people keep me here. I have made some amazing friends over the years thanks to TG. When I first joined TG, I was mostly a solo gamer, which was not a very fun experience especially as a female gamer. I met a lot of rude people when using in-game voice, but then when I ran into a group of TG guys in a game of Halo- they were welcoming and wanted to play as a team, focus on the game, and it was just truly a different experience. This is what brought me into TG, why I am still here, and definitely the part I enjoy the most about TG. It is nice to be able to join our members even if I don't know them, but I know that I will be welcomed, respected, and will have a good time!
What are you hoping for the future of this community and yourself?  Where do you see yourself in TG down the road?

I am definitely hoping for a lot of growth. There have been a lot of games that have been released in a less than mediocre state recently, which I believe has hurt our gaming community. OW2 and CoD MW2 have been a welcomed change from that. They both had some issues upon release, but it seems as though the developers are quickly addressing them, and we are seeing a great deal of growth in these two divisions already. I'd love to see that growth continue and for us to be bigger and stronger than we were before. 


I'm definitely planning on staying around in TG for the indefinite future. Where will I be? That's a great question. I enjoy both of my current roles, but it is a lot. Hard to say what I will do!
Is there something you would want to say to new recruits or prospective members upon their first foray into TG?

Come in with a positive attitude, be respectful, and be ready to have some fun while working as a team! Don't be afraid to give feedback on practices; your feedback is how we can improve the experiences! 
Let’s get personal.  I’ve known you for a bit and know you are big into sports.  What sport do you enjoy the most, and what team?

I love baseball and am a diehard Houston Astros fan!



TG HSquared is a huge fan of Major League Baseball’s team, the Houston Astros.  Every time we talk, she always has something going on surrounding a game or other.  Source: Official Houston Astros Website | MLB.com

Are there other things outside sports you enjoy doing in your free time?  Maybe, outside gaming?

I have two pups, Cortana and Goliath! I enjoy spending time with them as much as possible- going for walks, playing fetch, and taking naps! In addition to my amazing pups, I enjoy going out to dinner (especially for sushi), playing board games with my friends, traveling, relaxing in the pool, watching Netflix, spending time with family, and pumpkin carving. 





 Top, TG HSquared’s dogs, Goliath (left) and Cortana (right).  Bottom, TG HSquared’s collection of carved pumpkins of different designs she has carved herself.

Are there any last thoughts you want to make, let our readers know, or want to shout out?  Something you want to trigger a discussion on?

I actually have a few things I'd like to add. The first is I'd like to thank all of my staff and members; many of you give me gray hair, but I really do appreciate you guys!  Also, we offer some amazing games in TG, but we are always looking for more options. What games would you be interested in seeing in TG? Finally, GO STROS!!!!!!



Thanks TG HSquared for agreeing to sit down with me and answer some questions about yourself.  As a writer, I would love to spend more time in the future to get other members their own time in the spotlight.  And, like TG HSquared said, what games would you be interested in seeing Tactical Gaming support?  Please let me know and more in the comments!


**Houston Astros and Major League Baseball are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. 


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Guest AtlasChaos


awesome read,

really love these types of articles being available to see and read about other TG staff who make this place so great :)

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Guest TG-JFKproject


Since beginning my tenure at TG a couple years ago, I had only ever heard rumors of TG HSquared - of course all good things - but I really love the idea of getting to know our higher ups on a more personal level. In fact, I this whole time believe HSquared to be male, now I know they are in fact a female gamer(which is awesome, I've always said I wish there were more females in the gaming communities!). But thank you Sylus for the interviews and the reads, and thank you to TG HSquared to your reputable leadership and your dedication to our wonderful gaming community!!

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Guest dustylines


Hmmmm I dunno. Some of those Halo guys seemed well dodgy to me ;)

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