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3rd Edition of the Who's Who

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Welcome to the 3rd Edition of the new series, Who's Who? 


In this series, I get the honor of interviewing members throughout the different Divisions of Tactical Gaming. This interview will focus on the members views and feelings on gaming. 


Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing  @TGxFraesmat





TG Sphinx:  Can you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your gaming background?


TGxFraesmat:  Hey all! I'm Fraesmat, 26 yo, ex-french military, and I've been playing FPS and flight simulators since I can remember! Played R6 as semi-pro 6 years ago and now I play DCS, EFT and ArmA 3


TG Sphinx:  How did you become a part of Tactical Gaming?


TGxFraesmat:  I met MajorWinters and Biggy in a public game and really liked the way they managed the people and the mission. I asked about the TG tag they had and got interested really quickly in their Arma division


TG Sphinx:  What motivated you to become more involved in the community?


TGxFraesmat:  I liked the people and the growth potential of the division. I also really liked the idea of applying and teaching what I learned in my military career to the game.


TG Sphinx:  Can you share any notable experiences or memories you've had while being a part of Tactical Gaming?


TGxFraesmat  If I had to pick one, it would be the first time I planned for a large scale assault on an enemy stronghold and both squads managed to capture it without casualties and with great coordination. It feels so rewarding to see your ideas work to perfection!


TG Sphinx:  Which division of Tactical Gaming are you a part of, and what drew you to it?


TGxFraesmat  I'm part of the Arma 3 division, where we look for a semi-realistic approach to combat operations of all scales. I really liked the similarities between arma and my old job


TG Sphinx:  How does your division contribute to the overall TG community?


TGxFraesmat  Right now, we are 22 people, and to promote TG and get possible new members we've started to stream our games on twitch.


TG Sphinx:  Can you share any accomplishments or milestones your division has achieved?


TGxFraesmat  As of the day of this interview, we are working on deploying a new server and mods that will help us bring an extremly realistic experience to every member.


TG Sphinx:  What inspired you to take on a staff role within Tactical Gaming?


TGxFraesmat  I wanted to get more involved in my division and wanted to make changes that I believe could benefit everyone's experience. There's still a lot of work to do!


TG Sphinx:  What are your responsibilities as a staff member, and how do you contribute to the community?


TGxFraesmat  Responsibilities are different: from making sure TG standards are respected to checking where improvements are necessary, creating different game modes for members, leaning more and more mechanics regarding the game, etc...


TG Sphinx:  Can you discuss any challenges or rewarding experiences you've encountered in your staff position?


TGxFraesmat  A challenge: the first steps into learning the standards and requirements of TG.  A rewarding experience; See the changes I bring to the table become part of our gaming experience.


TG Sphinx:  What are your favorite types of games, and why?


TGxFraesmat  First person shooters and Flight simulators like DCS. Also like visual novels and some turn based strategy games. Why? I've always felt that I'm very good at imagining my character in a 3D environment, which has allowed me to reach the highest levels in R6 and CSGO competitive ladders.


TG Sphinx:  Can you share any memorable moments or achievements?


TGxFraesmat  My most memorable achievement? Reaching 20th of Europe in a GO4R6 with my team. Also getting my first PvP kill in a dogfight on DCS.


TG Sphinx:  Are there any particular game genres or styles that you'd like to explore more in the future?


TGxFraesmat  I'd love to spend more time playing visual novels, but there's so many hours you can play each day before you start losing sleep.


TG Sphinx:  How do you actively engage with other members of Tactical Gaming?


TGxFraesmat  I like to invite people from other divisions to play with us and also keep an eye on what the other divisions are doing to look for self improvement. I post rarely on some TG channels but I'd like to get more involved with this rich community!


TG Sphinx:  Have you made any long-lasting friendships within TG?


TGxFraesmat  Sure! Shoutout to Sandman, Numeric and the rest of the crew! You guys are the best!


TG Sphinx:  Are there any initiatives or events you've participated in to foster a sense of community?


TGxFraesmat  I've not been as active with the rest besides with my division. I'd like to be more active in TG once I've finished all the division reforms we are doing


TG Sphinx:  Have you acquired any new skills or knowledge through your involvement?


TGxFraesmat  TG has helped me a lot learning regarding server management and remote conections. This has helped me a lot setting up a personal server for home and friend use.


TG Sphinx:  What advice would you give to recruits joining Tactical Gaming for the first time?


TGxFraesmat  I would tell them to don't dismiss their own ideas. TG is always looking for self-improvement and having members that bring ideas to the table and want to climb up the ranks to apply those are welcome!


TG Sphinx:  How can they make the most of their experience and connect with others within TG?


TGxFraesmat  TG has such a variety of people and different games, it's highly probable that you can find someone to play anything you have in mind!


TG Sphinx:  What are your aspirations within Tactical Gaming?


TGxFraesmat  For now, to keep growing my battalion and look for more possible game modes that the guys will enjoy.


TG Sphinx:  Do you have any specific goals you want to achieve or contribute towards within TG?


TGxFraesmat  My goal? To reach 2 full platoons that play simultaneously. The more we are, the more complex the missions become and more possibilities appear!


TG Sphinx:  How do you see yourself continuing to be a part of Tactical Gaming in the long run?


TGxFraesmat  Still in the Arma division. This game has so many opportunities I never get bored. 



Thank you to @TGxFraesmat for taking the time to answer these questions.


Stay tuned to the next episode of Who's Who? in another month!



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