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15 Anniversary Spotlight - Seantuc1

As part of the Tactical Gaming's 15 Anniversary  plan mentioned in this announcement. The PRO have gone out an interviewed various members of TG's longest standing members that have seen so much in their incredibly long tenures within TG! 

This Spotlight goes out to @SeanTuc1 A very long standing member who used to go by the name of TG Elite and is a Gears of War Veteran having spent much of his tenure in TG in Gears or War Division.


You joined Tactical Gaming 12 years ago, tell us about your very first experience in TG that made you initially stick around?

My first real experience was in a Gears GB match which I enjoyed a lot, the team work, strats and call outs and playing with some great people made me want to stick around. 

Could you describe briefly what it was like when you joined, what were practices like, what TG was like back then?

Very different to what it is now, when I first joined there was no boot camp test, boot camp was done in game, via voice chat, no squad types. No ATS, practice points were tracked locally via spreadsheets and all other business was done via an admin control panel. I joined straight into Gears of War division for Gears 1 which is where I spent most of my time and I am back there for number 5. Practices were always fun and I met a lot of people when I first joined who I play and speak to on a regular basis now, even with some no longer in TG.  


Tactical Gaming is made up of active members, which means you have been active for 12 years. What is your most memorable moment from all of that time you've spent gaming with us? 

Most of my memorable moments come from within the Gears division, meeting some great people who I play with today. Helping the division through two trial phases. I enjoyed my time as DO of both Gears division and moving on to open up FEAR division as DO, supporting a team to make the roll of honour, placing in the top 10. 



What was gaming like with Tactical Gaming 12 years ago? How different is the online gaming community now that it has become mainstream? 

Gaming is totally different and for the first 3-4 years of my tenure I would say TG was a lot more competitive than it is now, but then I would say that gaming is more competitive in general now with a whole host of competitions/events. When I first joined the gaming community (XBL) was also very different, a lot changed when XBOX live parties came in.  


What are the biggest changes that you've seen in TG over the years?

Numerous, for starters I technically joined Tactical Warfare, TG in name didn’t exist. TG was only formed a couple of years after, rebranding us and having two franchises: Tactical Warfare and Tactical Sports. I think this has been the biggest change and also changed the whole structure. Now TS has gone, we have Tactical Adventures. I’ve seen three different, and each time new and improved, websites and a HUGE number of members come and go and then come back again and so on. I would say in some way or another everything has changed.   


Is there anything that was done years ago in TG that you would like to see now?

Yes, I am an advocate to going back to how the BC was done originally and not via the test it is today. I don’t think you can ever match or beat the interaction and integration of members by using a test. 


Where do you see TG in the future?  What changes do you think TG can make?

I can see TG still being around in years to come, but I don’t think it will be the size it is today. I think TG could look to review/change its process from recruit to being in a ST squad. With more gamers striving to be more competitive focussing on the esports/MLG scene or just more casual players who want someone to play with twice a week, I feel too often our processes hinder our growth especially with a generation of teams who meet up, play together and communicate using applications like discord, etc.


Who along the way has stood out to you over the years, or has gone above and beyond in your opinion?

Many have stood out, I couldn’t name any one specifically and many are also no longer here.   


How would you compare yourself in TG to when you joined to what your like are today?

Apart from having less time for gaming :( I couldn't really say!


And finally What is it about TG that keeps you here?

The members to play with and the friendships i’ve made and hope I continue to make.



Thank you Seantuc1 for being apart of TG history and keep up the great work you continue to do everyday!

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