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We need YOUR help! Discord Nitro Boosts!

Nitro Boosting the TG Discord


Tactical Gaming is currently looking to boost our official Discord Server, and we want YOUR help!


How It Helps The Community:


Boosting the TG Discord Server helps everyone in numerous ways. There are three different tiers of Boost, all of which are detailed below:








How Much Does It Cost?


New Discord Nitro subscribers can get Discord Nitro for FREE through the Epic Games store! That's right, FREE! Click THIS LINK now to claim your FREE three months of Discord Nitro! This offer expires June 24, at 11:00am EDT, so grab it while you can!


Server Boosts without Discord Nitro: $4.99 USD/month


Server Boosts with Discord Nitro Classic: No Free Boosts + Additional Boosts at $3.49 USD/Month


Server Boost with Discord Nitro: Two FREE Boosts + Additional Boosts at $3.49 USD/Month


What YOU Get In Return:


The Outstanding Contributor Award is automatically awarded in the name of Tactical Gaming, to members who have contributed financial resources to ensure the future and growth of TG.



Leave your comments below on what YOU might like to see as benefits for Nitro Boosters!


User Feedback

Guest Kancepth


Boosted! And I see we just reached tier 3, woot woot! :salute:

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