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The Training Office - An Invaluable Resource!

  • TG SirMadness
  • By TG SirMadness

“Training is the foundation of any organization”


Hello, TG,

When you first join Tactical Gaming, your first contact and CoC is the training office. A department within TG specifically designed to manage all aspects of Training within each franchise! A team of enthusastic and dedicated assistant trainers that work closely with each division or legion’s staff to ensure the highest quality of training and resources are at every members disposal for their personal or team development and challenge.


The training Office works behind the scenes on a daily basis to ensure all new recruits that have just registered are assigned to the correct squads, The TO is responsible for all training within a Division, from new SS to the DO. ATs are responsible for ensuring every member of staff is ready to carry out their duties. This can be making sure they take their Staff Tests, mentoring in CPPs, and offering advice when they see it can help. This doesn’t stop there, as the Training office also develops and implements Advanced Training Courses with staff.


Now that might sound like a lot of work, so why do so many volunteer to become Assistant Trainers?  Well, please allow some of the Head Trainers and members from Tactical Warfare and Tactical Adventures Command tell you as they have all at one stage been an AT at one point in their Career.


TG Kac2K

If you work your but off in the training office, you improve your chances of promoting to btn and div staff positions.  The training office is the perfect place to get a foot in the door for such promotions because that is the staff positions that you work with on an every day basis.



Yes the training office is very hard work but people like TG Valhalla (TAHT) and TG Kac2k (1st CC) shoulder the brunt of the load and make it worth while. To me the AT position is all about learning the "WHY" factor of TG. It gives you an in depth look at how TG was created and why we do the things that we do. It is truly a thankless job with no perks. The other side of that is the people that make up this office are loaded with charisma and are willing to give you the shirt off of their back. To me that is really what drives home the entire military aspect of TG and looking out for the guys next to you. Every game in TG has low points in its life time. Every division has times when it thrives and falls. In my office there is no divisions, no rivalries, no highs and lows. We are all trainers. When one trainer is loaded with work or unable to complete a deadline, All of the others dive right in. We serve as a line of quality control by definition, so if you are not detail oriented and admin capable then this is not the place for you. You will be the first person every new member meets so if you have zero personality and no willingness to help new people then please do not apply. We are the people who teach members, squad / section staff, battalion / cohort staff and division/ legion staff the correct way things are done. We work directly with every divisions / legions battalion/Cohort and division/Legion staff making sure that the original foundations and regulations are preserved and respected. The AT job is a 6 month commitment. Normally the next step after you have completed your AT tenure is a Battalion, Division or even a Corps commander job TG Kacy2k . So come work your behind off. Learn the Why. Then go out and make a division of your own better.


TG Valhalla

The position of Assistant Trainer is one of the most demanding, underappreciated, and often misunderstood positions in TG, but it is also one of the most important. I would recommend that anybody who has great analytical skills, cares deeply about TG and wants to see it succeed apply for an AT position. The Training office is truly the place I have seen the most satisfaction from members and a place that I love to call home. If you wish to help the Elite Dangerous, League of Legends, Red Dead Redemption, or World of Warcraft Legions there are Assistant Trainer positions open and I would be happy to talk to you about taking a position.

The Training Office is the first experience a recruit has in TG after signing up and with it comes the responsibility to give all recruits the best representation of what TG is. This comes in the form of answering questions, reminding recruits to do the BC, and placing them in squads. When the TO is prompt and professional it sheds a great light on TG for these new recruits and gives them someone to talk to in their early days so they stick with it and get placed in an IN squad. Helping new recruits is where a lot of people feel the Training Office stops, but this is not the case.

Overall the Training Office is a great place to show your leadership potential and many amazing people that have left the TO have moved into amazing leadership positions. Feel free to drop me a message if you’re interested in a position in TA or shoot Typicalveteran a message for TW. I would love to see a fully staffed Training Office once again as it’s a great indicator to the health of TG.     Thanks all and see you in game!



It truly is an honor to be selected as an AT or HT internal to the Tactical Gaming as it is a small group of people that really care about the outcome of the members that enter into our ranks.  It is also important to know that being an AT or HT inside of Tactical Gaming is really the first step in becoming a well rounded leader and preparing yourself to move into a leadership position inside of a Division/Legion. "


"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."




The Assistant Trainer badge identifies the second highest-ranking officer in TG’s Training Office (TO).

Their main duties and responsibilities are to support the Head Trainer (HT) in the completion of his/her duties and responsibilities. The ATs are also the direct Chain of Command (CoC) of new Recruits (REC) and brings forward any issues regarding new RECs and/or training directly to the HT.



Thank you TG Valhalla, Typicalveteran, Kacy2k and DBLDeathDealer for commenting and sharing your experience and wisdom.

As all of the above have shared their opinion and knoledge on the importance and value of the Training Office,  the aim of this piece was to help anyone who had questions regarding the work that goes on in the Training Office and now has a better understanding of the training office.



Edited by TG SirMadness

User Feedback

TG VisiousEel X


Very good words from Kacy, Vet, Val and DBL on a invaluable resource for all of TG! 

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Skull Intruder


Great article. How do I become a AT? I am interested. 

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On 1/19/2019 at 7:56 PM, Skull Intruder said:

Great article. How do I become a AT? I am interested. 

Look for AT applications for the division you want to apply for. 

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Guest MIA Boogeyman


Sup. I am new. What are the next steps?

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