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TG's First look at Amazon's Crucible

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Typical Veterans Review of Crucible

I would love to start off by saying that i was very surprised that TG did not have more hype for the release of this game. I will not lie this game has been on my radar but pretty low on my radar. I think the Jury is still out as for an overall assessment of this game but i did notice a few things right away from my tutorial and 2 pvp games. Below i will list my pros and cons and i will let you be the judge.



  1. Great smooth game play- Crucible gave me a little stutter on start up but within 2 minutes was running completely smooth. i would suggest turning the graphics down. 
  2. Awesome team fights- Although i didn't have coms with my team mates you can definitely tell that this game is reliant on team members combining their abilities to secure the objective. 
  3. Graphics- Beautiful. The graphics are pretty that is for sure
  4. Not pay to win- This game adopted the fortnite/apex method of making money selling mostly cosmetics. You can even buy a battle pass. None of these items give you a tactical advantage.
  5. Abilities- Each character has unique abilities that range from team support or brutality towards your opponents. 
  6. Hidden Story- There is a story buried somewhere. The reason i say that is these characters will have impromptu conversations with each other and details of the past can come out. When viewing your character and reading about them there seems to be a mystery factor. 
  7. Controller supported- Yes for now the game is on PC but players do have the option to play with a controller.
  8. Free- This game is free to play and is available on Steam
  9. Combat- Some characters are all out in your face brawlers or keep you at a distance shooters. Some can fly or dash. These characters can be utilized in several different ways. there are also 10 characters to choose from.
  10. PVP meets PVE- During your time spent in combat the other players will not be the only thing trying to kill you. There are numerous beasts all over the map and even your objective is a monster. You could be stuck in a 2v1 combat scenario just to watch one of your enemies get Schwacked by a monster and turn it into 1v1.



  1. Not available on console yet- So far this is a PC title only
  2. No private matches- So far there is a way to party up but no option for private matches or custom games exist
  3. You cannot change your hero in game- I did not see a way to change the hero in game. When you pick your character you are stuck with them for that entire match.




Amazon did a nice job with this game. You get some abilities similar to an overwatch or destiny but you also get the 3rd person view. I think you will see a lot of people streaming this soon and you will see a lot of updates to the game. The price is right also. It is a free game so if you hate it you can just delete it. This could be a good community game night for everyone especially if they release cross play and bring this game to console. If you would like to see some game play and hear some comments check out my stream below where i walk you through the tutorial and play a few matches. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below. Thank you TG 




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