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TG Fitness Challenges

Tactical Gaming is happy to offer a fitness discord channel in our TG Public Discord along with some fitness challenges on our TG site thanks to a few of our members! In TG, our primary focus is gaming and having fun; however, it is important for us to also take care of our bodies and minds. Taking time out of one’s day to focus on fitness can help with both!


Especially at the beginning of the year, many people make resolutions to lose weight, get in better shape, be healthier, eat more vegetables, be more physically active, etc. Doing these healthier activities on your own can often feel daunting and impossible, but when you join a challenge group it is usually a little easier and more fun. People can help motivate you, provide you with tips and tricks, hold you accountable and so much more. This is what some of the members of TG are hoping to bring to the community!


@krojakhas started the first of many weekly challenges. The first challenge is for pushups... I do not know about you, but personally I do not like doing them! This challenge has 3 different tiers and based on where you would rate yourself physically is which tier you should aim for. For the pushups challenge the tiers are Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. By the end of the week the goal is to be doing at least 4 pushups in a row (Beginner Tier) and up to 15 pushups in a row, take a rest, and then doing 15 more (Advanced Tier). I don’t know about you guys, but my personal goal is to be somewhere between those two levels by the end of the week! Krojak said, “These challenges are to get people moving and into fitness and wellness, build strength and muscle, burn fat, and accomplish something that you didn't think you could do.” Krojak’s challenges are meant to be added on to one another. We are starting with pushups, but in the future we can expect to add squats, burpees, planks, and more to the current pushups challenge.


@Eiwitgod has also started a weekly challenge for us which focuses on the abs! There is a list of YouTube videos that will show you different exercises that will help you develop your abs. Looking at the people in the thumbnails for these videos, may seem intimidating, but remember the important thing is to TRY! The first time you may not be able to keep up with the trainer. You may only be able to do 5-10% of what they are doing, but that’s okay! Do what you can, and don’t give up! Eiwitgod stated, “Abs are trained during a workout and made in the kitchen!”. It is important to not just do the ab workouts, but also ensure that you are having a calorie deficient.


There is much more to come for those interested in fitness! We can expect some videos from Krojak and hopefully others, full workouts, weight training (with free weights/body weight), nutrition information, personal success stories, and wellness.


I believe TG Krojak said it best when he stated, “With the great community of like-minded gamers in TG, the more that get into fitness and wellness to improve their health and lifestyle - the longer they will live and without major health problems. That will enable us to keep playing with like-minded gamers for years.”


Special thanks to @TG-AMP for suggesting this as a Discord channel. His vision for the channel was to create a place "For all physical activities, running, swimming, jumping, picking heavy stuff up, competitions and recent successes, share your passion here and find like-minded fitness junkies".


Personally, I am looking forward to these challenges, to the sweat, and even the tears! Who is with us?


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Great read! The channel has been very active. Come join us! 

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I would love to see others joining us in doing these challenges! Great article @TG HSquared, thanks for bringing this to attention! :)

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