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Scavengers First Take Review with Miss Vendetta!

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This game was very fun to play and explore. Working as a team and conquering the PVE and PVP aspects mounted into a large scale map makes this game enjoyable. Scavengers gives me a very close Outriders and Borderlands vibe. The weapons are named in a comical sense and the battles are fought in an open world meant to push teams to stumble into each other at inopportune times. The game economy and crafting is very good with attainable goals set for new and experienced players alike. The best part about this game is its unlimited potential factor. This game is FREE on Steam and confirmed to coming to console. If Scavengers released a few more game modes and maybe some new scenery it could be a massive success. Remember folks this game hasn't even been out for 60 days yet. There is a lot coming and I am excited for its future. 



  1. New player Experience - The new player experience is easy in Scavengers. I did not get a chance to play the tutorial but @MissVendettaXO did. In the tutorial you get a chance to learn of your characters abilities and the basics of gameplay. Nothing remarkable about the tutorial but its very good at explaining how to play.
  2. Downloadable Content - Unconfirmed but with a larger player base I do not see how the developers could say no. 
  3. Re playability - At this point in time I could play this for a few hours with friends. Not sure if I could make this my main game but this personally is not my type of game. There is definitely a sizeable market of players that could be into this type of game.  I think that the re-playability of this game rests in the hands of the developers who desperately need to add more content. Like I stated above adding new scenery and game modes would be paramount to this game. 
  4. Bugs and issues - Big disclaimer stating that this game is early access as soon as you open the game. I had 0 issues with it while playing though. To my knowledge the only bugs or issues are cosmetic and minor. 
  5. What makes the Game Unique - You have everything that you would expect from a good looter shooter here in this game. Things that make it different is the teamwork aspect to survive PVP encounters unexpectedly in an open world. One second you are fighting PVE and the next thing you know a 3rd party of another team shows up and starts off the PVP. Relying on your team mates abilities to throw up boosts or shields can allow you and your team to reset the battlefield and draw a line in the sand. 
  6. What Makes it a great TG title - Its Free, Super Tactical and rewarding. The in game economy would allow squads to build their team base on the type of playstyle that they want. Small clear lobby sizes would allow new squads to be opened up very easily. When this game hits console a larger portion of the player market will unlock. 
  7. Longevity - This is where Scavengers needs the most help. The developers have done a great job putting together a free to play looter shooter that is easy on the brain. In order to stay around they desperately need some more content. New maps, new abilities, new characters and a lore category is a great start here in my opinion. I think these things need to happen before this goes too far into console release or people are going to get bored and put the game down.  
  8. How does it compare to other similar games - I would say its most comparable to Outriders.  There are a few differences between the two that should be noted. Outriders is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL game. Scavengers needs help in the graphics department. Outriders has a huge lore factor and hours of PVE only content. Scavengers put into place something that I think Outriders should have which is PVP. The PVP in Scavengers is fun because you never know when its going to happen. Both of these games could learn something from one another. 
  9. Conclusion and overall rating of the game based on a score of 1-10 - I would give this game a solid 6.5/10. This game checks a lot of boxes but needs to develop more. 

Tactical ✅

Teamwork ✅

Potential ✅


I am really happy that I got to play this game and I will be watching for more content to drop. Scavengers has a "grab you factor that makes you want to learn more about it. I will be joining their official discord to watch for updates. CLICK THE LINKS BELOW TO CHECK IT OUT!!













User Feedback

Primus Palus


I gave it a run. A couple things bother me:


- Teams of three. I suppose it fits for the size of the map and game mechanics, but 5 would have been great for some small unit tactics and coordination.


- Can't choose your character. It allows one person at a time to pick but if your favorite leveled up character is picked first, you can't also use it. No way to discuss this with your team. No way to make sure the right people are picking the right "class".


- Hackers. In my second game, I watched a guy flying through the air and speed hacking. We ended up killing him, but I didn't see a way to report him. Easy Anti Cheat is pretty hit or miss. 


Other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it. With the right team, this could be incredibly fun. I'd love to try it with some TG members.

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