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TG New Sponsors

  • MrWulfie
  • By MrWulfie
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Tactical Gaming NEW SPONSORS!

Sponsorship is a vital part of the TG community in the way that it helps fund our website and allows its Sponsors to enjoy some special treatment!

Speaking of Sponsors!

Tactical Gaming have just recently announced their new sponsor. If you are new to this knowledge here is some information below!



For those of you who haven’t heard much about this website Streamloots is a new way for streamers and viewers to be more interactive with one another. Maybe you are a streamer who would love to expand your subscribers, or you are an avid viewer and would love to spend some time with your favorite streamer! This website offers Streamers a chance to Sell “LOOTBOXES” which contain cards, these cards have Four different rarities. Each one determines the probability with which each card can appear. You can modify the probabilities of each type so that they fit to the rewards and the price of your chests. The rarities are Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary. The HIGHER the rank, the LOWER the chance of finding the card…but the GREATER the BENEFIT!

The CMO of Streamloots, Vicent had this to say,

"It is a pleasure for Streamloots to partner up with such a supportive community in order to help all the gamers from Tactical Gaming increase their income from streaming while growing their channel. We are always open to collaborating with like-minded gamers like the one we found in Tactical Gaming"

To be a part of this NEW and FRESH movement all you need to do is to log into your Twitch account and Streamloots with just simply add new Authorization systems.

Feel free to check them out! Here


Welcome aboard Streamloots!

Edited by MrWulfie

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