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No More BC Forums

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The following is a big milestone in TG's history. Speaking of TG's history, as you know, everyone who joins TG must complete Boot Camp (BC). Well, many moons ago, BC was given in game or on the gaming platform's voice comms by Drill Instructors (DI). The two main issues with that was that training was not given the same way across the board which defeated the purpose of ensuring the correct information was given the same way to everyone. There were also scheduling conflicts to get BC completed. The online test was created to resolve these issues. Alright, history lesson completed :book:


In the last several months, we’ve been implementing various solutions to reduce workload and improve our processes all over TG and now we have another improvement for the Training Office (TO) and Recruits (REC). As you know, once BC has been completed, the REC had to notify the TO by posting in the BC forums. Well, no more… :ohmy:


Once the BC test has been completed, the TO is now automatically notified via Discord!!! After successfully completing the test, they will still receive a private message with their squad assignment and check-list. If they fail, the training office will  contact them via private message informing they need to redo the test.


This will reduce the amount of work for the TO and the RECs. More importantly, will avoid losing new members :rant: because they were not aware they had to post in the BC forums. 


As President, I don’t often get the chance to award my Presidential Coin as the impact needs to be TG wide. Well, I’m very happy to award one to @Shroomage for the initiation and implementation of this project!!! :cheers:



To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of



I hereby award  one Instance of the Tactical Gaming Presidential Coin
for the  initiation and implementation of TG's Discord Notifications of TG's online tests which alllowed us to remove the BC forums


TG Coins Descriptions


Given under my hand on November 15, 2022

Signed by: 

President of TG 



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