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Hell Let Loose Lessons

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Do you want to improve your Hell Let Loose gameplay? Do you want to take your knowledge and skills to the next level? Tired of trying to learn more than the basics but get too busy dying, and dying, and dying? The Exiles can help you!
Come take advantage of the opportunity to share in the knowledge of TG’s most seasoned HLL squad.
Want to improve your tanking skills? Intimidated by your lack of driving prowess? Unclear on where to best target enemy tanks to dispatch them before they dispatch you? No clue on how to lead a tank crew to be a great asset to your team? The Exiles can help.
Want to form a devastating recon squad, causing havoc behind enemy lines and winning the match almost single handed? Fed up with running for what seems like an age, only to die within seconds of reaching your target area? No idea how to hit a target more than 150m away, without firing off every round you have and letting half the enemy team know where you are in the process? The Exiles have some tips for you.
Intrigued about how to become a feared commander, inspiring your team to ultimate victory, but don’t want to get laughed at in the process? The Exiles can train you how to avoid the mutinies and gain the commendations.
Friday nights, 10pm EST, hop on the Discord for the password and come join us in the TG server for a private, exclusive chance to improve your knowledge, skills and understanding of the greatest and most realistic WW2 shooter to hit the PC platform to date. Learn from the veterans, who have walked the walk and learned how to really get the most out of this game. Do you have what it takes?






Hell Let Loose Exiles ST Squad EVERY TG MEMBER IS WELCOME!!!!!



1 on 1 training in every aspect of the game hell let loose and fireteam tactics. 



Every Friday night at 10 pm EST



Be in the hell let loose voice channel in the TG discord. There we will give you the server password which will give you access to the private TG server where you can try out tactics unobstructed by other players or game conditions. 



Because this is a fun event based on building relationships across TG centering on what TG does best. Build lasting friendships and improve your fire team leading abilities in game. What are you waiting for ?


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