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ATO - OhMcGawGaming & CjA1418

To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of


I hereby award


@OhMcGawGaming & @CjA1418



One Instance of the Tactical Gaming Vice Presidential Medal


Tactical Gaming Vice Presidential Medal



The Tactical Gaming Vice Presidential Award recognizes an individual or group who has consistently and continuously displayed Tactical Gaming ethos in all aspects of the community.

The group’s contribution must be sustained throughout a specified period of continuous enlisted active Tactical Gaming service.

This award is given by Tactical Gaming Vice President only.




One Instance of the Outstanding Volunteer Medal


Outstanding Contributor Award


The Outstanding Contributor Award is to be automatically awarded in the name of Tactical Gaming, to members who have contributed financial resources to ensure the future and growth of TG.

It is also used as a token of Tactical Gaming’s appreciation for those individuals who are dedicated enough to spend their own money in order to proudly display their affiliation to Tactical Gaming, such as by adding “TG” in front of their gamertag.


Given under my hand on this 1st day of May 2021.


TG McPatchy
Tactical Gaming Vice-President
Tactical Gaming Executive Committee



User Feedback

Guest TG McPatchy


congrats you 2, just a little something for everything and i mean everything you do for tg, with little to no appreciation as it is all back of site. so thank you and thank you for both being friends of mine. you rock as always and keep rocking it.

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TG SirMadness


@CjA1418 & @OhMcGawGaming Congrats you two!! Thank you for all your work behind the scenes and keeping our site up and running, it is truly appreciated! 

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