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ATO - Just an Enigma


To all who shall see these presents, greeting:

Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of


@Just An Enigma

I hereby award

One (1) Instance of the Legion Of Merit


Outstanding Recruiter Award


One (1) Instance of the Training Office Achievement Medal


Tactical Gaming Training Office Achievement Medal


One (1) Instance of the Good Conduct Medal


Outstanding Volunteer Award



Just an Enigma has been in TG since July 2015 and has spent more than half of his tenure in Leadership positions. Enigma faithfully carries out his duties and ensures that his subordinates are taken care of. Over the past 6 months Enigma has taken on the task of redesigning the Close Quarters ATC from a stat based ATC to a course based ATC. Enigma spent countless hours designing, testing, and modifying the new course so that it provided a fair challenge to all members regardless of what gaming level they are at. Enigma also assisted with gathering a team together and participated in the testing of the Sniper ATC; which was also redesigned into a course based ATC. 


I hereby award Just an Enigma with the Training Office Achievement Medal, the Legion of Merit Medal and his 11th Good Conduct Medal,.


Medal Descriptions


Given under my hand, at 2nd Corps, Battlefield Division, on this 3rd day of April, Two Thousand and Twenty One.




General of TW

TG HaloHobo

TW Chief of Staff

Tactical Gaming Executive Committee





TG Epsi

2nd Corps Commander

Tactical Warfare Command





Brigadier General

Miss Vendetta

Tactical Warfare Head Trainer

Head Trainer


Lieutenant General

TG Kacy2k

2nd Corps

Battlefield Division Officer


User Feedback



Thanks you to BF and especially Enigma in working with the Training Office to make impressive progress on our goals.

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Just An Enigma

Posted (edited)

This is quite the honor. I have the great fortune of being surrounded by some pretty terrific people — staff, SMs, peers, and leaders alike. All of whom significantly enhance my ability to serve. Thank you, @TG Kacy2k, @MissVendettaXO, @TG Epsi, and @TG HaloHobo, for your leadership and support. Always a pleasure working alongside you all.

Edited by Just An Enigma

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