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ATO - Destiny Division



For continued service to the community through competition; for continually representing TG in an admirable and professional fashion, and for placing in the top 1% of teams on the planet for finishing the new Destiny Raid. Tactical Gaming was represented professionally through a stream that was HEAVILY followed as our warriors forged a path that has never been taken before, setting the tone for the rest of the world to follow.


To all who shall see these presents, greeting:
Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of


Danny2step, Tripoc710, TW-SARGE, Fmurad, V69_WARPARTY_V69, Thendoren (JaiyoHD), TG-TheProfessor, and Calvinium


Are hereby award

One (1) Instance of the Bronze Star Medal


One (1) Instance of the Combat Operations Medal


One (1) Instance of the Tactical Gaming Medal


TW-SARGE and Danny2step

One (1) Instance of the Instrumental Leaders Medal


Medals Descriptions

Given under my hand at 2nd Corps on this 9th day of September 2018.

Signed By:

TG HaloHobo

TW Chief of Staff
Tactical Warfare


1st Corps Commander
Tactical Warfare


TG Epsi
2nd Corps Commander
Tactical Warfare


Edited by TG Epsi

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User Feedback



Congrats guys! Hope to be bringing you some friendly competition for the upcoming release on Friday ;)

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Way to go everyone!  Great to see these kind of awards.


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