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    To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of Since TGxTaylorMade has joined he has been a major part in the everything related towards the web site and all of its up keep and upgrades as well as all of the updates to the ATS, He has also rised up the ranks of CoD quick due to his great ability to lead people and then a division was very apparent and also has now taken on a role of division officer while trying to get that division through a trial phase, This is just a little something to say thank you for all your hard work around every where. I hereby award TGxTaylorMade one (1) instance of the Tactical Gaming Vice Presidential Medal & I hereby award one (1) Instance of the Tactical Gaming Vice President Coin Given under my hand on this 24th day of June 2019. TG KrizZz Tactical Gaming Vice-President Tactical Gaming Executive Committee
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    Addicted! In this part of my series addicted, we are focusing on our support teams. In this interview, I will be interviewing the honorable and talented @MissVendettaXO. She currently serves our community as the Tactical Warfare Head Trainer of the Training Office (TO). I have had a long and extensive history working with the TO. TGxLadicius: What vision do you have for the TW TO? Also, what can we do to help you see those goals to completion? MissVendettaXO: I want the TW TO to be a huge contributor to the success of all our divisions by continuing to forge a strong relationship between the TO and the staff within each division. I'd love to see people excited to pursue leadership development, enjoying the ATCs, ATs helping with training aspects, and just seeing excited new recruits enter (and stay in) TG. As far as helping, we can all work together from the TO, PRO, CT, BTN/DIV staff (etc) and usher in great quality leadership to continue TG's legacy. The staff within the divisions are encouraged to talk to their ATs, and myself to discuss how the TO can help them. The other support teams are also going to be crucial in helping us achieve our goals in the TO by encouraging and informing members of the awesome courses we offer (PLDC, TLDC, etc). TGxLadicius: The TLDC (Theoretical Leadership Development Course) and PLDC (Practical Leadership Development Course) are monumental in helping current staff, and staff hopefuls in what to expect in being staff and in their potential subordinates. Do you see these classes becoming even more popular across more divisions? MissVendettaXO: I really hope they become even more popular within TG. They are incredibly beneficial courses to help develop leadership skills that are applicable within TG, and outside of TG. There are so many valuable lessons to learn that can give you the tools to be an effective leader and being the best you that you can be. One of my goals is to expand the PLDC to every single division within TG, and increasing enrollment in TLDC. TGxLadicius: A long time ago, TG had drill instructors. The members that support our community in that role are now known as Assistant Trainers. The scope of their jobs have changed a bit, but not too much since then due to technology advances. How do you see technology now and in the future impacting the Training Office? MissVendettaXO: There will always be a place for the Training Office in TG because training requires strong leadership from people like our ATs, regardless of technological advances. I think technology can certainly help streamline and help us in what we do. If you think about it, technology has drastically improved communication in every aspect of life, not just for TG (Discord, XBL, PSN). The Web Team is always adding new features, and Discord is an improvement on TeamSpeak and Ventrilo.. all of these things help the TO become more efficient. TGxLadicius: I've always loved ATCs (Advanced Training Courses). I'd personally love to see more of them being conducted. How do you view them? MissVendettaXO: I think that the Advanced Training Courses are a great, distinct part of TG. It's incredibly rewarding to see someone become proficient in a new skill and while ATCs are common in some of our cornerstone divisions like Battlefield, I'd really like the TO help bring ATCs to every division as well. I know that some games are limited to stats but I’m hoping more and more games are able to do more robust ATCs. They really are a great way to show your skills on the battlefield and that’s something that many in TG are passionate and excited about. TGxLadicius: Having fun, and community interaction have been staples of our community. I believe that those aspects have been monumental in the longevity of our like minded community. I have, and have had, a very close working and playing relationship with the Assistant Trainers serving the various divisions I have been a part of. There are some divisions that age pretty bad, and others that stay young for what has seemed like forever. I know that many members are unaware of all the work that goes into making our cohesion on tactics, and our like mindedness a consistent mindset of TG by the TO. How would you express the way that the TO helps us to make those a constant in our community? MissVendettaXO: The Training Office is like the glue that holds divisions together. No matter how different the division or game, the Training Office works very closely with divisions, communicating constantly with staff and creating training documents that have a similar template but can be very division specific. Collaboration between so many working pieces (divisions, the TO, etc) from the start to the finish is what continues to forge that path of like-minded teamwork. Even working on things like the ATCs give members something outside of practices to grind toward and have fun with, keeping them engaged for the long-term. TGxLadicius: Thank you for taking the time in being interviewed, and for providing us some insight in our support teams. If a member is considering applying for a position in the TO, what advice would you offer them? MissVendettaXO: I’d say think about what you want to help your division accomplish. If you’re someone that likes to go to different squads meeting people, collaborating with a lot of staff, and are a natural trainer then I think the Training Office is a great place for you. I’d say the best place to start to prepare for an AT position is IN SS. You learn so much about training members, the report standards, etc that provide a great starting point for a future AT. Thank you for the interview and giving the TO, especially the amazing ATs, a platform to showcase what a vital part this team plays within TG. Enjoying the series so far? Let us know in the comments section below!
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    What It's Like To Be.. Squad Member Hello TG and welcome to the second episode of a this series. In this series, titled 'What It's Like To Be..", I will be interviewing members of TG throughout the ranks, ranging from squad member right up to the CoC. As well as interviewing CoC members, i will also be taking the chance to interview certain members in support positions. This series will be published on a monthly basis. Today i had to pleasure of interviewing Warrent Officer Thor HUN, squad member in Rangers(ST), Battlefield division. TG SmokeyB: You've been in your position of squad member for 4 years. What is the main reason for serving in the position for so long? Thor HUN: I am enjoying this kind of coordinated and tactical gameplay but I don't really have leading ambitions and I would feel uncomfortable in a leader position, plus I am not too talkative either so being an SM is just fine for me. TG SmokeyB: Can you tell us the best highlight while serving as a squad member? Thor HUN: Hard to tell, there were so many really. Most of the best moments happened back in BF4 times: full squad helicopter crew criusing or traveling around and capping objectives in an armed transport, we called the Party Bus. TG SmokeyB: What attracted you to TG when you first joined? Thor HUN: I have got this standard recruitment message and I thought it was only for me because I played so exeptionally good :). Still, the whole TG mindset just got me, this "professionalism" was a really pleasant surprise, so I sticked. TG SmokeyB: What are your future plans? Thor HUN: One day I will have no time for this and I will miss this dearly, but I cannot see that day coming anytime soon. I even started a martial art since I joined TG and I thought I might have to stop doing TG practices but fortunatelly I managed to do both, so I intend to stay as long as I can, moving from BF5 to BF6 when the time comes. TG SmokeyB: If you could, what would you change with the Battlefield Division? Thor HUN: TG and BF Division is great as it is, at least I did not find this kind of gaming experience anywhere else. There is maybe one thing I would change: stop members from leaving, changing squads and games, people should really decide where they want to be :). TG SmokeyB: What would you like to see more of? (such as competetions, tournamets etc...) Thor HUN : Tournaments, maybe. It has been afes since we had one. TG SmokeyB: I imagine in your time here you've met loads of people. Do any of them stand out and why? Thor HUN: Loads of people. So many in fact, that I have forgotten the names of most of them My friendlist is full with ex-squad members. Sadly, I have reached a point when I found it rather pointless to learn names because they will move on soon anyway. There were some really great fellows though that I really do miss: TheEqualizerGB, Viper0268, cH Sariel, who's name was Turbo back then and later he started to change his gamertag on weekly basis so for the sake of simplicity we sticked to Turbo, hydratic, NaxTheWolf and most importantly my training officier and first SL: Xzyo91. I have never seen anyone putting so much effort, time and energy into TG than he did - thank you, Xzyo. TG SmokeyB: Just for fun. If you where having your last meal tomorrow, what would it be? Thor HUN: The most logical would be something that is either completely out of season or extremely time consuming to produce. Or both. 100 days eggs, perhaps. But since this question is for fun then I will give you something to google for, to make this a bit more interesting: marhapörkölt & nokedli. And a kürtőskalács filled with vanilla icecream as dessert. You should try them Again, i want to thank @Thor HUN for taking part in this interview. As I've served as your squad leader before, i can safely say that you are a dedicated member and have so much to give to TG, great work buddy! The next episode in this series will be published in August! Did You Enjoy The Interview? Have Anything to Say To Thor HUN? Let Us Know Below!
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    TWC Stream Night Tactical Warfare Command are hosting a streaming night on Saturday, July 20th @ 2pm EST. They will be streaming Prominence Poker on the TacticalGamingNet Twitch channel, the Twitch channel can be located by clicking here. This is a great time for the TWC, but also a nervous one, as there will be a Q&A which YOU, the TG members can ask questions to the TWC! TG is a big place and it's good to take this oppertunity to ask the higher up's questions. You can ask them anything, as long as it is TG appropriate. This will be the 4th Q&A session hosted and hopefully many more to come. Please come along and see who loses at poker, and its a great chance for the community to ask them vital questions. We encourge all members to take part in this! More information can be located here: Get your questions ready!
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    To all who shall see these presents, greeting: Know Ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and abilities of I hereby award TG RoyalRenku one (1) instance of the Tactical Gaming Vice Presidential Medal & I hereby award one (1) Instance of the Outstanding Volunteer Award TG RoyalRenku joined the WebTeam back in February 2018 and made a name for himself with his graphics skills under the then DMTL TG LouieG, After Louie stood away, Renku took on the mantle of DMTL in October. Since taking lead of the Digital Media Team, Renku has displayed an outstanding degree of professionalism, commitment, and resilience in his post. Whether it be managing his team, staying on top of graphic requests, working with TGEC on priority graphics, he’s always displayed his A-game, along with producing High-Quality Graphics for every member while training others along the way. Given under my hand on this 24th day of June 2019. TG KrizZz Tactical Gaming Vice-President Tactical Gaming Executive Committee
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    I have been battling my demons a lot these past few months. However, practicing with you all, conversing, and getting away from the negativity out there is a blessing. I have made mistakes in my past, to include here in TG. If it’s one thing my current battle has taught me is that it is possible for defeat to be permanent but I won’t let it. My Marines won’t let it. I am here for you all til the day I die. That’s not a motivational quote, that’s a promise. One Love, TG. I’ve got your six. -Cpl. Hunt USMC
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    Its great to be back home again. Thanks to everyone in the TO that supported me throught out my great, but short career.
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    Queen Posh Stormborn of the House TG, the First of Her Name, Queen of the SM's, the Rhoynar and the First Men, The rightful Queen of the LOL DIV and Protector of the Discord, Queen of LO and above, Khaleesi of the Great CH and above, the Unbanned, Breaker of Chains and Mother of TG Bots ,regent of the realm
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    It's great to have you here. I just noticed that you're back.
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    What up @MayonnaiseSpank, hope to see you in Hastings in a few weeks. Side note, how's that tugboat project goin?
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    Under construction. Excuse the mess.
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    Proud moment being back in the mix in battalion.
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    Google Stadia In the age of modern gaming we’re surrounded by a more analog barrier in regards to how games are played. However, gone are the days where the need for this physical connection to satisfy the salivating urges of even the most avid gamer. More and more titles are being offered digitally. You simply purchase a game key, download your game, and play. We are also seeing more and more subscription based gaming. The Netflix of the gaming realm if you will. Companies like Origin Access, Xbox Live Game pass, and even Discord has their own offerings. These subscriptions can be monthly, yearly, or in some cases like with the XBOX Live Game Pass you can even get a 3 year subscription. But these options still require the often costly physical component of the actual console or even a Gaming PC for the enthusiasts. I’m a little bias there because I’m a PC gamer don’t @me lol. You may not have piles or shelves of games anymore but you still need the heart of the operation sitting under your TV. Until now. Stadia is a revolutionary idea brought to you by Google. We all use google. Be it their products or simply just the search engine. They have the resources, the experience, and the following to provide such a product. But what is The Google Stadia? Before we can answer that let’s talk about similar ideas within the industry and then we can delve into the meat of how it will potentially revolutionize the gaming industry. Steam Link allows you to play your PC games on your TV, phone or tablet. You aren’t tied to your computer chair anymore. Steam Link gives you the ability to play your games in the comfort of your Lay-Z-Boy. And with the proper set up you can even play them on the go. However, it’s not recommended to use your phones data connection to do this as the lag would be generally unplayable. But it’s there and it was a step in the right direction. You also have the Nvidia Shield console which is very similar. But made for your TV and has the option for subscription based services. But this requires hardware which some may not have and is also very finicky. Also of course there’s a number of remote desktop apps you can use with your phone or tablet. Some are optimized for gaming and others are not. Again they have their flaws and require an excellent connection to the internet. Google Stadia combines these worlds in a way that no one has. Stadia allows gamer's to immediately immerse themselves in games. It allows for up to 4K resolution, 60FPS, HDR support, and up to 5.1 surround sound on your TV without the need for a console. You can also play your games across laptops, desktops, Pixel 3, and Pixel 3a, and eventually other phones and tablets. You’ll even have cross-screen early access starting from day one. The best part is most people (at least in the US) have the ability to play on the highest settings due to the average broadband speeds. The minimum recommended speeds for Stadia are 10 Mbps and to get the best quality is 35 Mbps. It will match your network speed and adjust as needed. I would say the most interesting part of the Stadia is that there is no need to download the games you want to play. The Cloud is your console. There is no need to install or take up space on a consoles internal storage. You’ll be playing your favorite games immediately without the wait and frustration of updates etc. Let’s talk about cost. The Stadia Founders Edition is $129 US. Included in that is Access to Stadia at launch, 3 free months of Stadia Pro( more on this to come) for yourself and a friend, Exclusive Night Blue Stadia Controller, Google Chromecast Ultra for streaming to your TV, Destiny 2 The Collection, and a Founders Stadia Name ( more on this to come as well). All of this for about the quarter of the cost of a console. Stadia Pro is the Subscription Service that allows you to have the maximum benefit to the gamer. Stadia Base albeit free is less attractive. The Stadia Founders Name is an accolade of sorts. I would venture to say almost prestigious. We all know how annoying your Blizzard ID and your Discord ID can be. Mine is TGxP1nkM1st#1345 and My Discord ID is TGxP1nkM1st#1337. On console you might get lucky and not need numbers at the end because someone already chose the name you wanted. Well with the Stadia Founders Name you won’t have the need to add numbers. You truly get to personalize something that is so unique to you. Now we can’t have all the good things without talking about the potential bad things. As stated before the concept has been around with other devices. But we will see if Googles experience and tech can eliminate the issues surrounding other devices with Stadia. Lag as well as input lag were huge issues. Are the numbers for the minimum download speeds required accurate or even in the ball park? Will you need any other equipment as far as compatibility with routers? It shouldn’t be an issue but even the Nvidia Shield Console required higher end routers. Time will only tell. We will all know more in November when it releases. Pre-ordering is simple and only can be done exclusively at the Google Store. I pre-ordered mine on June 8th. At $129 its worth giving it your best shot. What Do You Think Of Stadia? Will You Be Buying One? Let us know in the comments section below!
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