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  • Leave, AWOL, Discharge Procedures

    On Leave

    If you are away for more then 4 consecutive mandatory practices, your CoC will contact you with the following options:

    • Go on-leave
    • Request an honorable discharge
    • Apply for a support group position (Web Team, Public Relations Office, Training Office or Competition Team)

    If you are On Leave and you wish to return to active duty, simply post a new topic in the Return from leave requests forum including the Division and Battalion in the topic.



    Return from Leave - Ghost Recon - 1st Battalion

    You can be On Leave for a maximum of 6 months before being discharged (account deleted). While On Leave, no Personal Messenger or Secure forum permissions will be granted due to security reasons and that TG is made of active members.



    If you do not contact your CoC before or shortly after missing practice, you will be considered Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL). 3 consecutive AWOLs will result in a discharge. Accumulating a total of 6 AWOLs throughout your TG career will also result in a discharge. Please note that AWOLs are permanent and cannot be removed from your profile.

    Honorably discharged

     If you decide to leave TG and do so on good terms, a honorable discharge (HD) (account deleted) will be granted. If you regret your decision, we invite you to register again. If validated, simply post a new topic in your Division's BC forum stating you are a returning member. Previous position, rank and awards will be lost.

    When you request an honorable discharge, contact your Chain of Command (CoC). Do not post on the forums. Doing so will result in your topic being deleted

    Dishonorably discharged

    If you have been dishonorably discharged for breaking TG’s regulations, you will be banned from the community. On rare occasions and after extensive consultations with Division staff and TGC and TGEC may accept the return of a DD member.

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