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Hey all! This topic will serve as a vehicle for Call of Duty's first annual recruitment event! This recruitment event will serve as a kick starter for the new Call of Duty title! I'll keep it short and sweet and get right into the details.


When? March 17th through May 11th.


Prize? Pretty simple here... for every recruit that is brought into Call of Duty, $10USD will be sent to the recruiter of that recruit (preferred via PayPal, if that doesn't work, we will work something out).


When do payouts occur? Payouts for the recruiters will start on the 1st of April and will occur every 2 weeks until the 11th of May.


Is anyone allowed to recruit? YES. 


How will you keep track of recruits coming in? Easy... YOU will keep track of your own recruits. To be eligible for that recruit to count, you MUST post in this topic with the recruit that you brought in and their profile link. I do not want to track down your recruit for you. Once I verify that the recruit is yours within this topic, I will edit the topic and list the recruit and your name next to the recruit. If a recruit doesn't have you as their recruiter, you will not be eligible for $10 for the recruit.


What is the minimal requirement to receive reward? The recruit must PASS their boot camp test and placed into an IN squad within the Call of Duty division to be eligible for that recruit to count towards your overall reward.


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