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Welcome to the Squad League! This rolling event is created to foster friendly and sportsmanlike competition within the Call of Duty Division, across all battalions, across all brigades. Please keep in mind that we are all Tactical Gaming brothers and sisters, and that we have three goals in mind while gaming with each other; teamwork, tactics, and respect. 


The tournament is structured to be initiated and concluded on a calendar month timeline. April 1st, 2020 will mark our first official start date of the league. 


We have kept the rules fairly simple in order to cut down on confusion and the need for referees or dispute resolution. The league will operate under a points table, and with two conferences of competition. "A-League" teams will constitute a higher level of competitiveness, while "B-League" teams are striving to improve their teamwork and tactics. 


Teams will move up and down leagues by "promotion" and "relegation." Depending on the size of the conferences, 1-2 B-League teams that place in the top 1st and 2nd place will be promoted to the A-League at the end of the month. Consequently, those 1-2 A-League teams that finish at the bottom of the A-League Conference will be relegated to the B-League at the end of the month. This accomplishes two things, an ever changing list of opponents, as well as those teams in different conferences to have claims to a first place finish.


Ultimately, it will be up to the Squad Leaders to schedule matches with their opponents in their conference. While we will attempt to keep the rules as simple as possible, we ask that all squads adhere to the following rules, specifications, and conduct. If there is sufficient evidence that these guidelines have not been followed, the commission reserves the right to repeal a match result, penalize a squad, or suspend a squad from competing for a specified amount of time. 

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