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TG and PMS Clan CoD MW Mixer


TG Events

Event details

We will be hosting a Mixer PMS Clan and TG on November 16th at 9:00 PM EST. We will be playing CoD MW. It is cross Platform so all consoles and and PC are welcome. 

I am looking for Mods as well. Requirements to be a Mod are SS+ or verifiable experience and tenure. Old heads who have had leadership experience are welcome to help as well. 

All participants are expected to uphold all of TG rules and regulations. I have extensive experience with this clan and they hold the same values as us. They will take this as seriously as we do. I know the organizer on their end personally whom is equivalent to our President over there. Note for those concerned This will not end up in a poaching scenario. They understand this as well to be part of their tenets. 

If you are interested in moderating the event please contact TGxP1nkM1st.


Please be mindful and respectful and above all else have fun!!!

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