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Apex Legends Trigger Discipline Event


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Every FPS player loves to show off their high damage and high kill games, showcasing their impressive gun skill! What about trigger discipline?

The goal of this casual event is to see just how much trigger discipline you can practice in Apex. The goal is simple: make your best effort to win trios matches while simultaneously dealing the least amount of damage possible.

Anyone in TG can participate. Simply screenshot any wins received during the event timeframe and post the screenshot on the forum (topic to be created which will include a full list of rules).

You may compete alone or with a squad, but regardless of with whom you compete, the player with the least damage will be considered the winner. Feel free to RSVP, if you plan on participating during October 22-24th, 2021.

Any questions please ask them here or reach out to @TGxNoRageTTV.


*Depending on the # of participants cash prizes may be available. Need at least 7 people to participate for prizes, but the more that participate the bigger the prize!*

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